5 Things You Must Do In Metal Gear Solid V: TPP Once You Get Your Hands On It

MGS V has one seriously expansive open world with tons to do. But here are few things that everyone absolute needs to do.

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GigawattConduit1151d ago

You had me at chicken hat selfies.

Orejillz1151d ago

Just picture standing between a group of armed soldiers as you look hella fly in your chicken hat. Perfection.

SaladSnake1151d ago

I cannot wait to play this game. The main reason I owned a ps3, and the main reason I own a ps4. This will cushion the blow of me losing my job. Roll on release day!

FullmetalRoyale1151d ago

First thing I'm going to do is solemnly stare at the game reflecting on how I'll never get to open up a new Metal Gear game. Then I'll open it, and enjoy it.
Here's to you...

AntiZeal0t1151d ago

I have never played a Metal Gear Solid game (I had a 360 last gen) but I'm throughly excited for this game.

JackVagina1151d ago

You should probably watch these or you'll be super confused with the story

Savsky1151d ago

Yeah if you don't understand the story, it may sour the experience for you. Make sure you get the story down before you play it.