Official LawBreakers Announce Trailer

Cliff Bleszinski and the Boss Key team have just revealed their new game, LawBreakers.

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TheLEGENDofTydo1149d ago

Looks phenomenal yet its a free to play game. So it will be a Pay to win game. So I'm out

Clover9041149d ago

"Looks phenomenal yet its a free to play game."

Um, we don't know how it looks. The trailer showed absolutely nothing from ingame.

Pocker1149d ago

what games are you guys playing that are pay to win? I've played tons of f2p games recently and they have all been pay for cosmetic no effect on game. This pay to win bs that everyone is always spouting is so ignorant its sad. Yeah there are I'm sure a few garbage publishers that go for the pay to win, but 99% of f2p out there just has paid cosmetics.

thorstein1149d ago

Clash of Clans and any like it.

bangoskank1149d ago

Panning through a few environments isn't a trailer.

crazychris41241149d ago

Hopefully we get some actual gameplay soon. Concept is interesting. Cops vs robbers with super human abilities, advanced weapons and a post apocalyptic setting.