Jumping into N+

Spencer writes:

"While playing the PSP version of N+ I watched my ninja plummet to his death over a hundred times. If you played N before you know dying is a natural part of the game. Everything kills you. Heights, lasers, mines, and robots that attack you without much of a reason are all deadly. You can avoid many traps if you run to the green diamond to open the door and then straight to the exit. But the temptation to grab yellow bricks of gold is great. Each piece adds to your score and keeps the ninja alive. If the score meter runs out the ninja dies from an avarice attack or something."

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kevco334327d ago

I loved N+ on the Xbox360, but I'm not sure if the PSP's Analogue Nub would be up to the job. And there's no way I'm using a D-Pad...