From Homage to Subversion – Crafting Until Dawn’s Narrative, w/ Graham Reznick

Rely on Horror writes: "We spoke to Until Dawn writer Graham Reznick about working on Supermassive Games' latest title."

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Chaosdreams1148d ago

I absolutely love the game thus far, about 2 hours in. I've laughed a few times from the dialogue (in a good way) and I smiled at certain scenes because they are spot on. Oh, and yes, a few jump scares here and there.

If they decide to make another game just like this, I'll preorder the day it's announced (and I dislike preordering.)

GribbleGrunger1148d ago

There are some major SPOILERS in this. Do not watch if you intend to play the game.

shammgod1148d ago

good call. Thanks for the heads up!

Chaosdreams1148d ago

Thank you! and no fret :) I avoid reading the actual articles at this point, it's easy to spoil story driven games.

Nischayraval1148d ago

But not heard about it...