Xbox 360 sales up again in Japan

For the week ending July 27 it's the PSP which once again leads the video game hardware sales in Japan. Media Create reports that the Sony handheld sold 67,452 units over the course of the week, down from 74,024 units the previous week. Despite this fall the PSP's weekly sales were over 10,000 units ahead of the DS.

The DS sold 56,968 units, up from 54,531 units the previous week. The Wii also saw a marginal gain, up from 40,803 units to 41,024. The PS3's post MGS4 sales have seen a steady decline and this trend continued with sales down from 11,253 to 10.692 units.

While the PS3 seems to have lost some momentum the Xbox 360 is enjoying one of its best sales periods, this week up from 4,208 units to 4,941. Despite this, sales of around 4,000 units a week aren't going to cause Sony or Nintendo to lose any sleep.

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Excalibur4318d ago

"Despite this, sales of around 4,000 units a week aren't going to cause Sony or Nintendo to lose any sleep."

If you use the base of 4,000 units a week X 52 weeks = 208000 units in a year.

208000 units in a year can creep up on you pretty quick if "ANY" company become complacent.

If I were any company I would worry if my sales were going down as my competition's sales when up.

cahill4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

the small bump is due to the release of TOV next week
How delusional can u get?

Obviously by the end of this year ps3 would be around 3-4m . wii would be around 10m
so should SONY and Nintendo worry

a x360 costs half as much as a ps3 in Japan and would never catch ps3 in sales or would never reach 1m in LTD sales

gaffyh4317d ago

Yeah it's cos there is a limited edition 360 bundle out which comes with Tales of Vesperia.

Montrealien4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

The idea is not to think Nintendo or Sony should be worried, the idea is that as gamers we embrace choice. If you want, or keep on pointing out that a certain system will fail, or dominate, we are simple fanboy, not that theirs anything wrong with that... ;D

Let's be gamers, this is great news for an NA console in the land of the rising sun, we all know it won't catch up to the PS3, or even the Wii for that matter, but if it is more successful then the market grows and we all win.

Montrealien4318d ago (Edited 4318d ago )

The more competitive the market, the better the games on all consoles are, then we all win.

Mr PS34318d ago

Them away
At the Local Sushi bar
Buy 1 potoin of Sushi
And get a free Xbox

Zerodin4317d ago

Sony has to resort to giving away PS3s with TVs in Oz?

SpecialSauce4317d ago

ooooo so they sold 2 consoles this month. bravo Microsoft.

karlostomy4317d ago

The Sony 'free ps3' with bravia TV reeks of Sony desperation.

Aren't they losing enough money on the ps3?

Still, if Sony doesn't sell more PS3s with that deal, then they have a serious problem.

kingOVsticks4318d ago

why are the PS3 sales going down.... oh that right NO JRPG'S!!! DAMMNIT SONY WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY!!!??? but good job psp and 360 :P

Solid_Snake6664318d ago

maybe japan just getting ready for winter..=]

Laexerias4317d ago

U arr dumb man. I dont know if u have any idea how many Consoles should be sold to say: Man thats awesome! But i can say you one thing, Fourt-thousand Units are not awesome, they are not even good. Its more.. shamefull. Its not a bad game or something like that, its a Gaming Console.

foodbox4317d ago


Yes, Winter 2009.

kewlkat0074318d ago

that's all most Japanese play so part reason. I wonder if Fable 2 will sell well over there.

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The story is too old to be commented.