Cliff Bleszinski’s New Game Finally Revealed: LawBreakers

In the past few days, Cliff Bleszinski's new studio Boss Key Productions and Nexon have been teasing their new game, that was previously code named Blue Streak. Yesterday you saw a world falling apart (upwards), and today, the game has finally been revealed.

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chrisx1152d ago ShowReplies(4)
TheLoCoRaven1152d ago

Lame name. Thats like calling a game "Criminals"

JamesBroski1152d ago

Or a superhero who uses an arc Archer.

SlightlyRetarted1152d ago

Fuck, now i want a shooter that is called just "Military". I don't know why this makes me laugh this much, maybe i'm just tired.

thorstein1152d ago

Or Warfighter

...oh wait...

inveni01152d ago

Or Super Happy Fun Game.

ShinMaster1151d ago

I was hoping for another Jazz Jackrabbit. But no, it's another shooter and it's free to play... sigh.

harbie1151d ago

More like calling it Government, since governments, nor the people who "run" them, ever follow the rule of law.

x5exotic1151d ago

Or an exploration game "Uncharted"

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Chaosdreams1152d ago

There's bad guys and stuff. We stop the bad guys.

They break the law.

But we are the law.


TheLoCoRaven1152d ago

Pushing little children, with their fully automatics, they like to push the weak around!

Chaosdreams1152d ago


Push the weak around
Push the weak around
Push the weak around
They like to push the weak around.


thorstein1152d ago

"There I was completely wasting, out of work and down
all inside it's so frustrating as I drift from town to town
feel as though nobody cares if I live or die
so I might as well begin to put some action in my life

Breaking the law, breaking the law
Breaking the law, breaking the law..."

_-EDMIX-_1152d ago

lolz at those who got the reference. Bubbles for you troubles.

Kleptic1151d ago


'They're tryin' to build a priz ON, they're tryin' to build a priz ON'
er, different song...but its crazy that that shat was a decade and a half ago...

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Hellsvacancy1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

I commented here on N4G years ago that I would call my game LawBreaker

TheLoCoRaven1152d ago

So you came up with a bad name too. heh jk

1152d ago
Angrymorgan1152d ago

Cliffs must have seen your post haha

jcnba281152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

^^ Or maybe he is Cliff?... !

Blank1152d ago

Hilarious comment! Now I await the imending article on this!

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Whymii1152d ago

Let me guess, you shoot and things blow up?

squeezx1152d ago

I think the name is a bit of a double meaning as in breaking theoretical laws and also laws of gravity are broken.

inveni01151d ago

Yeah. And it definitely does. Earth's gravity wouldn't change if the moon broke apart. Earth doesn't get its gravity from the moon. Strange tides and earthquakes, sure. But unless the mass of Earth changes, the gravity won't. Sad they'd need a science advisor to explain this. And if it's not the moon that does it, they shouldn't have said it was. Just makes them look stupid.

Th3o1151d ago

Unless it's a play on words? Like Breaking the laws of physics...

Also wouldn't that make GTA a lame name? Grand Theft Auto? That's describing the things u do....

Or Counter Strike? Call of duty?

I don't get it, most games are called by a name that mostly describes what is happening.

Amensia? the game is a horror but u literally have amensia....

How are you getting 31 Agrees? lol

Dee_911151d ago

who said the names of those games weren't generic?

quaneylfc1151d ago

It's a double entendre. Breaking the normal law and breaking the law of physics.

Pixelart1151d ago educated person on N4G.. Such rarity. Bubble for you.

OhMyGandhi1151d ago

and I thought the book/movie name "clockstoppers" was bad.

gedapeleda1151d ago

I thought law breakers as of physics law being broken and manipulated by someone...

Hoffmann1151d ago

Free2Play Shooter...well stopped reading/caring after that.

TheLoCoRaven1151d ago

Yea I have Blacklight Retribution installed and I think I played it once for about 10min. Never went back to it.

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user99502791152d ago

I know some of these cutting-edge devs like to think they are making a point by not announcing games for consoles.... but just announce the damn game for consoles.

slightly off topic, this remind me of APB, which is also headed to console. I want updates on that.

spicelicka1152d ago

It's free to play i mean, in that case it's forgiven.

PlayableGamez1152d ago

Being free to play makes me not want to play this game

spicelicka1152d ago

I feel the same way, I meant the name and concept is forgiven. Could care less about the game as it is.

HammadTheBeast1151d ago

The thing for me is, I probably wouldn't even consider it if it wasn't free, but since it is, I'll check it out and see how it goes.

kupomogli1151d ago


We need a new acronym. F2NP. Free to not play.

someOnecalled1151d ago

so are yall saying that about that capcom game ps fanboys love to brag about or PS2 thats been downgrade to be handle on consoles that yall love to brag about. or h1z1 and everquest that people went crazy when they announced they maybe MAYBE port to PS4.

We all know that if it aint on ps4 it aint $h!t to the massive amount of ps fanboys thats on this site. they are the biggest hypocrites. i bet if ND or some sony dev announced a f2p game they would hit back flips

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zsquaresoff1152d ago

Well he should have specified that this game was pc only and not troll gamers on the console side.