Gamervision Review: Soul Calibur IV

GV reports:

''The original Soulcalibur is seen as one of the best fighters ever made, and back when it was released on the Dreamcast it received a perfect score from the normally implacable reviewers at Famitsu. Its sequel shocked the world when it was released on three separate platforms, each receiving an exclusive character to add to the mix. This time the game is pulling a similar stunt as Soulcalibur IV is released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, with Star Wars' own Yoda and Darth Vader working their way onto the 360 and PS3 versions respectively. With several other fighting series falling flat as they transitioned to the current generation, SCIV looked to be the beacon of hope (until Street Fighter IV comes out).

Soulcalibur IV plays nearly identically to the other games in the series, throwing two fighters into the ring to battle each other using powerful melee weapons. There are some changes from the predecessors, like the addition of the Soul Gauge (effectively replacing weapon destruction from Soulcalibur III), which allows players to execute thrilling finishing moves against players who overuse the pesky "block" command. There are several different modes to choose from in both single and multiplayer variations, and the game has a well functioning online system via Xbox Live.''

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