Atomic Gamer Preview: Wolfenstein

Jeff Buckland:

''If you played the classic id Software shooter Wolfenstein 3-D back in its 1992 heyday, you probably have fond memories of blasting Nazis, finding secret areas, and taking down id's hilarious version of Hitler in a mech suit with dual gatling guns. This game basically spawned the first person shooter genre, and paved the way for dozens of games like it to come from id Software as well as their friends at Raven Software and rivals like 3D Realms. These early days of shooters were filled with campy comedy, great action, and at times, big scares - especially with id's DOOM.

In 2001, id revived the Wolfenstein franchise with an entirely new game called Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Its single player campaign had the same character from the first, BJ Blazkowicz, taking on new occult forces that the Nazis had unleashed, but it also had a great multiplayer mode where every map had its own little objective-based gameplay mode (this paved the way for the excellent online-only followup Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory) and wound up being a pretty legendary game in its own right.''

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