Zombie Vikings is Launching on September 1st on PlayStation 4

Zombie Vikings is releasing digitally on PlayStation 4 Tuesday September 1 in both Europe, Australia and the Americas.

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GrapesOfRaf1240d ago

I think $20 is a little high, but the 30% discount might make it work.

rdgneoz31240d ago (Edited 1240d ago )

Armello and Zombie Vikings are both suppose to be around $20, Grow Home was around $8 on steam. Glad everyone voted for the cheaper of the bunch...

As for the game, $14 with the discount should help it sell. Though launching with two DLC locked characters is a little annoying.

@Blastoise 75 metacritic rating and would have been $5.60 ...

Blastoise1240d ago

I agree. Bit annoying that Grow Home won, would have been dirt cheap with the discount anyway

JohnnyXeo1240d ago

Zombies are getting way too overdone. Ugh.

nX1240d ago

Yeah, couldn't they have been normal vikings? Not everything should be zombified imo but I guess it sells better these days.

USMC_POLICE1240d ago

I agree but stick it to the man was amazing so I will try this!

Majin-vegeta1240d ago

Guess I'll wait for the physical version then

Repjaws1240d ago

This looked better than Grow Home to me honestly.

nX1240d ago

Nah, even though I'm busy with other games at the moment I'd rather try Grow Home than Zombie Vikings which looks a bit like Castle Crashers.

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