Destiny’s The Taken King Exotics Revealed: The Chaperone, Alchemist’s Raiment and More

Destiny’s Exotic vendor Xur took over the game’s Instagram recently to post some images and details about upcoming Exotics in The Taken King.

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ceooflhm1201d ago

Looks cool but Xur is still an asshole.

FriedGoat1201d ago

£40 quid for an expansion and only 6 exotics? That settles it, i'm officially done with Destiny.

n4rc1201d ago

thats not all of them...

kbozz711201d ago

smh, so quick to assume.

Nischayraval1201d ago

What do you mean....thats not all of them..

FamilyGuy1201d ago

There is way more than just 6 new exotics in the taken king. These were just a few things they showed to get people hyped.

Why would they ever show us everything pre-release?

Stapleface1201d ago

That I can think of right now..No Time To Explain, exotic primary. Warlocks are getting boots. Boots had a slot for year 2 on the first of 2 recent TTK streams from Bungie. I'm sure there are more.

n4rc1201d ago

umm.. i mean there are more new exotics then the few they showed..

if anything... those are the exotics xur will be selling..

ive seen 12 new mentioned.. also a quote somewhere about nearly as many as the base game.. who knows..

but they certainly havent shown us all of them.

NISCHAY1201d ago

Nice enough...!!!!lol