Atomic Gamer Preview: Resistance 2

Matt Cabral:

''I embarked on E3 08 with just one Sony exclusive shooter on my mind, Killzone 2. Funny then, I left the show with an entirely different PS3 fragger cluttering by conscious; Resistance 2 appears to be truly taking this series in the big-budget, highly-produced direction its predecessor deserved. Even its name is following the ballsy path of an established franchise-no story-hinting subtitle this time, it's just Resistance 2. To further express their staunch support behind a series that easily could've slipped into fledgling-franchise territory, Sony even had Insomniac's main man Ted Price personally overseeing the E3 demos.

Built on an improved version of the same engine that powered Resistance: Fall of Man (and Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction) R2 sports an obvious visual upgrade. The showiest example of this is one you may have seen-it's been shown everywhere, including Sony's E3 press conference. The visually jaw-dropping sequence has a towering Chimera beastie stomping through Chicago like Godzilla; the screen-filling foe chases protagonist Nathan Hale as he scales a spiral staircase in a skyscraper, occasionally pausing to pop off a few rocket-propelled grenades. The segment isn't a suped-up video, but actual play footage, and it succeeds in making you want this game. And, as cool as it was watching Hale frantically ascend the stairs as this seemingly unstoppable threat grabs at him with clawed paws the size of Volkswagen Beetles, Price promised this segment would be even more impressive in the final version because the building would be on fire-as if being chased by a skyscraper-stomping Chimera wasn't bad enough.''

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