Horizon Zero Dawn: A New Day For Next Gen RPGs

You are a hunter. Armed with a bow, arrows, tripwires and your intellect you make you make your way silently through the landscape, allowing yourself to blend in with the foliage. Your prey is a machine that is dinosaur-like in size and appearance. Welcome to the world of Horizon Zero Dawn, a next gen 3rd Person RPG due on the PS4 in 2016, and the first RPG by Guerrilla Games, developer of the Killzone franchise. Rather than stick to their genre roots and create a shooter RPG similar to Destiny, Guerrilla has decided to explore uncharted territory with their new IP.

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miyamoto1200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

Man oh man!
This game is so promising!

I feel the ideas of this game is like what Shinji Mikami envisioned with Third Person Shooting Robots with Vanquish. He will be jealous with envy when he sees this in action!

I have a feeling everything will be in this game action, adventure, rpg, stealth, epic storytelling, nerd-gastic mecha mayhem, fantastic scenery and level designs, beautiful characters like Aloy.

I expect nothing but perfection from the makers of Killzone, Fallout New Vegas and the Witcher 3. Throw in there some Monster Hunter, Uncharted, and The Last of Us gameplay vibe and I'll be a happy camper.

PhoenixUp1200d ago

How long is the term "next-gen" going to be continued to be used in the 8th gen

Fextralife1200d ago

Heh a valid point but the only way to differentiate while PS3 and Xbox360 are still getting releases and while so many players remain on "last gen"

When their relevance subsides, and people migrate to the PS4/XboxOne platforms, I imagine the overall tone of the industry will shift.

TheLeapist1200d ago

I feel the term "new gen" is more appropriate considering it's not really "next" anymore, it's now.

Thatguy-3101200d ago

Until a game actually shows the power and capabilities of this new generation.

Jalva1200d ago

I thought that's what The Order: 1886 did?

WeAreLegion1200d ago

So, inFamous: Second Son, Ryse, Until Dawn, The Order:1886, Driveclub, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Dying Light, Sunset Overdrive, and The Witcher III aren't good enough?

Jesus Christ. If The Order's graphics and Sunset Overdrive's gameplay don't do it for you, I'm not sure anything will.

1200d ago
ABizzel11200d ago (Edited 1200d ago )

@Jalva, WeAreLegion

That was graphics, I'm still waiting to be blown away by a game this generation, that makes me finally say / think this couldn't & hasn't been done on last-gen consoles.

Graphics aren't the only thing I want from a new console, I want new gameplay experiences. There's been many good games, a few great games, but nothing that was like moving from PS2 / GC / Xbox and seeing Gears of War for the first time, or Uncharted 2, or even the Last of Us.

There hasn't been that wow moment in this gen for me yet, but 2016 seems like I'll finally get that from either Uncharted 4, Horizon, Quantum Break, or Zelda.

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ImAPotato1200d ago

I can see this game competing with Scalebound, even though they are not exactly the same game, they have Dinasours/Dragons and huge open world with RPG elements, also both releasing next year I believe. Both look great though, and look different enough from each other that it's worth owning both games.

ninsigma1200d ago

Yeah, while in the same genre they look and play very differently! Glad I can get both of them! I just hope they don't release too near each other!

ABizzel11200d ago

Why must everything be a competition. These games are nothing alike, there is no competition.

mt1200d ago

I wish Guerrilla makes more new IP after the success of Horizon.

ninsigma1200d ago

If horizon is good I'd like for them to continue with it. A new franchise like that would be awesome. Pretty sure they have another team working on the next kz as well so multiple crowds are being catered to which is all we ask :)

ABizzel11200d ago

They have 2 teams, the 2nd team should be working on something else, so like Naughty Dog they can alternate between IP's.

Killzone : Resistance / New IP


Sokol1200d ago

Looks phenomenal, really looking forward to seeing more of the gameplay.

New IP's are what we really need.

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