Electronic Theatre PAL Review: Soul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur IV has grabbed many column inches over the last few months leading to its near-simultaneous worldwide release, and not least from your own Electronic Theatre. The hype machine reached it peak when Character Designer Hideo Yoshie released a statement detailing the aim of the design behind Algol – one of the game's new characters. One of five, in-fact, designed by renowned anime artists, in addition to the heavily touted addition of Star Wars characters; which to some may seem almost as ludicrous as the forthcoming Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe.

However, much like Midway's more brutal offering, every effort has gone to ensure these characters blend well within the Soul Calibur universe. Indeed...

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mgirl4319d ago

I got this for 360 about an hour ago - it's frickin' awesome!

dadice4319d ago

Yup, I got it yesterday and I've done LOADS already!

kevco334319d ago

I've played both 360 and ps3 and, while niether pad is really amazing, the Xbox360 does it in my opiniong.