HQ Quantum Break Gamescom video - Stream and Download


One of our readers found the HQ version of the Quantum Break presentation from a few weeks ago at Gamescom on Remedy's vimeo page, and told us about it. So of course we just had to put here it too, so many thanks to him!

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sammarshall1021202d ago

Looks incredible. Remedy and Microsoft have done an amazing job

Genuine-User1202d ago

They have indeed. April 5th can't come soon enough.

SaveFerris1202d ago

Amazing. Looks like Iceman stole Quicksilver's powers.

Neonridr1202d ago

Dear god this game looks amazing. I wish I had an Xbox One to try this out. Remedy really knows how to make an engaging story, just like they did with Alan Wake.

This looks very, very interesting. I can't wait to see more of this game.

shloobmm31202d ago

On you can buy a preowned xbox one console for about $240. Just a heads up :)

Neonridr1202d ago

I might have to borrow my buddies Xbox One for a week so I can play this game.

If there is a game that is gonna make me break down and get one, Quantum Break has a good chance of that.

u4one1202d ago

oooh i am getting excited. this is really starting to look fantastic - both from gameplay and visual standpoints