Three More Added to Xbox One Backwards Compatibility List

Grab It is reporting that three more titles have been identified as heading towards backwards compatibility support.

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SlappingOysters2711d ago

Pretty happy about Crysis 3 - question though. Do you have to download it to your Xbox 360 now through Games With Gold, or can you download it to your Xbox One and leave it for a few months.

wicked2711d ago (Edited 2711d ago )

Just go online and buy it for 360 (free) then it will download on the xbox one, assuming it's backwards compatible. I have been collecting all the games with gold since it started and slowly but surly they are appearing on my xbox one as they become backwards compatible.

CoyoteHunter2711d ago

Wow 133 and counting. I think that's a pretty awesome size right out of the game, and with still more announcements to be made. Microsoft is killing it.

SlappingOysters2711d ago

If Rockstar and Acti come in, it will jump by 20 overnight, too.

Macka10802711d ago

Burnout Paradise is still in my mind one of the best racers I've played - since Burnout 3, at any rate. Replaying it might ease the pain of probably never seeing another Burnout game again.

Immorals2711d ago

Wish I could have played paradise without the burnout name attached, I might have loved it then.

But it was so far from being a Burnout game, it was easily my biggest disappointment of last generation. Shame, because it's a good game.

Macka10802711d ago

Very true. The 'crash mode' especially was totally not Burnout. It was a great game, but a different beast from the rest of the series.

shipnabottle2711d ago

Be interesting to see how the Xbox backwards compatibility program and the PS Now streaming of older games stack up against each other for popularity. I can see pros and cons for both.

muzikjunkie802711d ago

xbox ones backwards compatibility will obviously be alot more popular than playstation now for one main reason.

its free and comes with every xbox one, playstation now is a paid service and only some people will be paying to use it.

only con i can see with xnox B/C is not every game will work with it but that can be fixed in time.

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The story is too old to be commented.