The top five most British games you'll ever lay eyes on

Britain, Britain, Britain! Over the years we’ve been known for a lot: tea, monocles, the Queen, imperialism, and at one point… videogames. We had it all, from the Sinclair ZX Spectrum to Rockstar Games, Britain used to rule over the medium with her wrinkled fist.

But in the words of the great Professor Elemental, “and sure enough, we rhubarb crumbled”. There’s been an influx of something so unspeakable, so terribly horrific my stiff upper lip trembles just at the thought of it: American games. Even our former glory Rockstar now pump out America-simulator Grand Theft Auto and Old-America-simulators LA Noire and Red Dead Redemption.

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robtion2121d ago

How could you leave The Order 1886 off this list?

Just finished Until Dawn. Was so good. Seems Britain has another great developer in Supermassive Games.