Eurogamer Preview: Mad World

What's black and white and red all over? Apart from a sunburned zebra, a Commie panda and a magpie in a blender? That's right, an ultra-violent fighting game developed by the makers of Okami and published by SEGA exclusively for Wii in the first quarter of 2009! I am brilliant fun at parties.

MadWorld is a debut title from Platinum Games, the company set up by former Clover Studios staff. It's said to be inspired by American comics, and as you'll know if you've seen the trailer they don't mean Garfield. Giant Gears of War-style thugs hulk around grimy city streets, dispatching each other in gruesome ways. The hip-hop soundtrack is punctuated by guttural screams as enemies are stabbed, sliced, diced and spiked. Everything in sight is black or white apart from the torrents of blood that splatter constantly across the screen.

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