First PES 2009 Trailer Released

Alongside the news of Messi being cover star, Konami has released the first trailer for Pro Evolution Soccer 2009.

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Vitalogy4362d ago (Edited 4362d ago )

After see this video from PES2009 and yesterday FIFA09 i have no doubt, BY NOW, to say FIFA's way better then PES in graphics and physics too, this pes2009 doesn't look better then 2008.

We'll have to wait for both final produtcs to come out and then testing and review them by equal.

Retro-Virus4362d ago

Gameplay >>>> Graphics and that's what real football fans care about.

silverchode4362d ago

after playin both pes and fifa, ive found the pes gameplay a bit quicker and better. but what i like about fifa is all the options you have.

Lord Anubis4362d ago

PES looks amazing and the moves are way much better. I'm truly impressed by PES

l3w154362d ago

. . . @ 1

How can you say FIFA is better ?
That trailer looks Awsome, Gameplay look really Different, Ball seems Heavier, seems Slower Gameplay which is good, It looks really good
The graphics look great, Good PLayer Detail and Lighting Effects in the Stadium look mint

Look better than the 'No Change' Fifa 09 Gameplay which i saw earlier

tatotiburon4362d ago

are you serious?, first that stadium look like a farmyard, can't match FIFA stadiums. Have you seen Ronaldinho and Rooney in FIFA09??? they both look amazing, here Messi look normal like FIFA08 or worse.

PureGamer4361d ago (Edited 4361d ago )

lmao pes fanboy j/k

you still playing online lewi?

Harry1904362d ago

I still think Fifa 09 will be the better of the two this year.

Konami has not yet completed work on their new game engine. I am confident they will by next year and they will or should take the crown again. However,Fifa 09 is progressing at a great speed.

Also,true gamers buy both and don't hate for nothing. Is it so hard to believe that Fifa is finally better?

People who were on the Konami team are now making Fifa.

tatotiburon4362d ago

hahaha what a crappy game, nothing compare to FIFA09..have you guys play Euro2008? the gameplay was amazing, FIFA09 will be amazing...PES is death. But i hope atleast PES09 have a better online gameplay.

flexbox3604362d ago

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooow . im so pumped about this game now. look at the animations. cool. i guess they really got up off their lazy butts and actually did some work this time. sick

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The story is too old to be commented.