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Following last year's release of the single-player expansion Ardennes Assault, developer Relic Entertainment expands Company of Heroes 2 again with the standalone multiplayer expansion of The British Forces. The focus of the new Company of Heroes 2 expansion as its name implies is the introduction of units from the British army forces. One of the major differences between other Company of Heroes 2 armies is that players can decide between two approaches to their British forces. As players progress through the British tech tree they're given a choice of selecting the defensive-based structure 'anvil' approach or alternatively going with the 'hammer' approach that focuses on mobile and powerful units. The expansion's content includes a total of 15 units, six commanders with unique abilities, and eight multiplayer maps that range from a German steelworks factory to the city of Düsseldorf. Overall, the amount of content strikes a nice balance of variety for both series newcomers and veterans looking for new additions to their existing game.

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