Techland isn't ready to discuss a release date for Dying Light: The Following

Techland has slowly begun to reveal more about The Following, the ambitious wilderness expansion pack for its open world zombie game Dying Light, but the studio's not ready to start talking about a potential release date just yet.

In a Twitter post addressed to fans, the developer explains that the "massive" size of the expansion means they need a bit more time to get it whipped into shape.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane1152d ago

Well whenever the date is, im buying it!

Such a fantastic game, its set a new bar for zombie games.

FoxyGotGame1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

Then quit hyping it up! ...I got the platinum and rinsed all the current DLC, so the wait for this expansion is unbearable /

Meltic1152d ago

They are not dumb. They are smart. They will definitive not release it this or next month. October is a good month for them early october. November and december is a bad move if they wanna earn some Money.

I will definitive keep my Eyes on this dlc. But if fallout 4 releases first i will forget about this DLC and pick it up next year sometimes

soul-assassin-1152d ago

same....october is good. ONLY OCTOBER!