Black Ops 3 PC and Xbox One Beta - Everything you need to know

MWEB GameZone Writes: "Xbox One owners may be facing some issues with their beta codes not working, but we have a potential fix for you.

Also, there is a way to enter the beta without a pre-order code for PC.
Xbox One Owners, without a pre-order beta code, can look forward to an open beta later this week"

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Sillicur1174d ago

Excellent, informative article, thank you

HanCilliers1174d ago

Cool and good PR that they're opening the Beta to previous Call of Duty players. Gonna be interesting to hear everyone's feedback.

brich2331174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

Get the beta here, must be logged In for this:

Go here click Japan

then go here and redeem

Then go to my games and Apps. And Voila!!

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