Big games of September: Metal Gear Solid, Forza, Disney Infinity, FIFA

MMGN writes: It's been a slow past few months for gamers, but with E3 and gamescom out of the way, it's now time to dust off those consoles and get ready for the pre-Christmas deluge.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain leads the way on September 1, with Forza 6, Disney Infinity 3.0, FIFA 16, and many others, to round out a very busy and exciting month.

Check out the month's big releases below. Which game/s are you most looking forward to?

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Aceman181245d ago (Edited 1245d ago )

Off that list both MGS5 and Tearaway are 100% day ones, while Mario maker I'm 50/50 on.

FlexLuger1245d ago

This is going to be a heavy month for me.

FM6, MGS V, and I pre ordered destiny taken king bundle, so Ill be joining my friends on that finally.And Ill finally play tearaway!