1UP: Moon First Look Preview

At a glance, developer Renegade Kid may seem to be going in a different creative direction with its upcoming first-person shooter, Moon. Its first game, Dementium: The Ward, was a survival-horror title set in a monster-filled hospital, while Moon is a futuristic FPS set in space. Yet when it comes down to it, the two games actually do have a lot in common. Stripping away Moon's glowing blue user interface and space-related equipment reveals the game's engine to be an improved version of Dementium's, with identical controls (D-pad to move, stylus to mouse-look and aim, and L to fire) and smoother graphics.

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PS360WII4327d ago

Cool should be more of a full game then Dementium was. You even have a small droid to send off to see if all is well and for puzzles. I like how the default weapon will recharge ammo a nice little extra.