Watch Dogs is Getting a Complete Edition, Still No Actual Dogs

Ubisoft's hackathon sandbox Watch Dogs slip under your radar? Lucky for you, it's getting a Complete Edition.

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BrandanT1148d ago

Just no, Ubisoft.

And what could they possibly add to it to make it a "complete edition?"

GigawattConduit1148d ago

They could add a less bland protagonist? Then again, they may be too hard to animate, so that time will just be used on making you download a new app.

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ThunderPulse1147d ago

Ubisoft just wants to raise the current $15 price back up to around $40 probably.

3-4-51147d ago

The one game nobody wanted a complete edition of.

Ubisoft is really into themselves aren't they ?

JeffGUNZ1147d ago

Perhaps it's the game we were promised and shown when it revealed lol

medman1147d ago

You know what's really sad? I bought Watch_Dogs at launch and it's still sitting in my list of "next to play" titles. I just haven't gotten around to it, and there are so many other games for my ps4 and pc, and even some for my ps3 and 360 that I still have to play. Life is getting in the way of my gaming.

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Blaze9291147d ago

I think the irony in all these "editions" coming out is pretty strong. "Complete" edition - in the sense of, you sold something that wasn't complete at the time.

DLC is ruining this generation.

MajorLazer1147d ago

I enjoyed the game. The premise was new and exciting, though the execution could have been better. Still enjoyed it though.

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fitfox1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

that joke is hilarious, sarcasm

_-EDMIX-_1148d ago

I know right, its bad idea for them to seek to make money /s

USMC_POLICE1148d ago

I liked the features the game had but my toaster would have been a better protagonist. I would love to see a proper sequel. The dlc story had better gameplay than the main game.

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The story is too old to be commented.