Yakuza 5 Now Available for Pre-order in the Americas for PS3

Bring it on! You can pre-order the open-world PS3 game now.

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Digital_Anomaly1202d ago

I'm sure I've missed out because I haven't played any of the games in this series but would I be right lost if I jumped in now?

Nwah1202d ago

Yeah you probably wouldn't understand a lot of the characters and their relationships, not to mention a lot of inside jokes from previous games. If you have a PS2 or a PC strong enough to emulate it, start with the first and work your way up. If you must start with one on the PS3, start with 3 and watch the in-game summaries for the first 2.

akiraburn1202d ago

Actually, each of the numeric titles has included a full flashback section where you can see narrated videos showing all of the major events that happened in each game (and that shouldn't be any different in Yakuza 5). They each have had actually quite a substantial amount of content within the videos that can get you caught up.

However, like Nwah suggested, it probably would be best to instead just start with Yakuza 3 and then progress from there. It should be possible to jump right into Yakuza 5 after watching the flashback videos, but some of the characters and more major events that occur might not have the same weight if you haven't seen these characters before.

These titles are by a wide margin my favorite game series out there, so I encourage everyone to give it a try. Just give it a little time to really get immersed into the story and world. Similar to many full fledged RPGs, it really blooms as you progress.

brando0081201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

I planned to start on Yakuza 3, but instead grabbed 4 a few weeks ago on sale. There's a substantial and enjoyable video recap of all the previous games, so I never felt lost while playing. That being said, I haven't played enough of 4 yet, though its story is fantastic!

DarkOcelet1202d ago

Sega are really stupid, they could have made a fortune if they actually released they have localized their library of games.

Yakuza is an amazing series yet they don't bother marketing it for outside Japan when they could make so much money from it.

That said, i will be definitely getting this.

_-EDMIX-_1202d ago

?? "Sega are really stupid, they could have made a fortune if they actually released they have localized their library of games"

How do you know they can cover their porting and localization cost?

I'm sorry but you don't actually know that. From what I've seen, not as much people really, really want that series over hear in the west and the sales very much prove it.

Though I own the whole series minus the games that haven't been brought to the west, I don't disagree with Sega for not bring all of them over.

They don't do huge numbers and them making money really factors on if they can cover porting cost along with actually making a profit.

So..they "could" soooo how many games came here? Oh 5...sooo why haven't any of those games actually done gangbusters?

I mean....we have to factor what goes into localization, its not just this copy and paste job.

Yakuza is a text heavy and dub heavy game series, its not easy to bring over to the states.

If they merely bring it over with just Japanese dub and English subs, they also risk suffering in quality ie many might be put off from even getting the rest of the series.

They are trying to maintain quality, but also can't afford to just bring any and all games over just because.

As a huge fan of the series, I can tell you its a niche game series, its not as open and mainstream as you would think a open world crime game is.

Not everyone will like it and again...those numbers kinda show its a love it or hate it type of IP.

Why waste money porting something over that isn't selling to even justify the cost of its localization? That is one of the reason why many JRPGs don't come over from smaller publishers and developers, some are extremely text heavy and the cost to actually bring it over won't be covered.

I'm happy its coming through PSN only as this gives Sega less risk and might make them see they can do such a thing only via digital and maybe just English dubs and they could be ok. But if it doesn't cover the cost, I don't see them doing it again.

They are a business after all, Yakauza's sales are pretty low in the states.

I mean maybe someone could give out some localization figures or something lol

Mind you FOX, I'm a huge fan, I would do a voice over for FREE if they let me lol

DarkOcelet1202d ago

You have many excellent points there my friend. But, imagine if instead of marketing crap games like Sonic Boom or even making them, they could have marketed this series and it could have made more fans outside of Japan but no! They had to make two more crap Sonic games that were mediocre.

They had the money, but they instead choose to make crap with it instead of making such an awesome franchise like this well known.

_-EDMIX-_1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Look Ocelet, I love this series just as much as you, but you can't just turn dirt into coco pebbles lol.

I like Yakuza way more then those nasty Garbage (current) Sonic games, but I don't just pretend they do crap numbers, the worst selling Sonic game is like 760k or something lol


The best selling Yakuza game if I'm correct is 1 which sold over 1 million, Yakuza 2 did over 890k.

That is how much they did in America...

It is a great franchise, but this isn't about great or fun etc, this is about raw facts and numbers. They can't just afford to sell a game to a country that about 40k care about ,those sale may barely even pay for the cost to port or localize.

I get why Sega is doing this , hell we should be lucky we even got Yakuza 3 after 2's sales, I don't see many publishers making a 3rd game come to a country that only sold 40k copies of it.

They are taking a huge risk bring it here, but this is just mean putting my business hat on.

I'm still getting Yakuza 5 day 1, though I personally hope they bring Kenzen, Zero if 5 works out for them.

I want Yakuza games out in the west like everyone else, but not at the expense of Sega going under.

They are doing a great job currently weather many like to believe it or not and not bring all games over for no reason is sorta part of that success. The money they saved has allowed them to do more games, buy more teams etc.

I like a smart Sega that ports what they feel is needed and will sell, vs a Sega that believes they can just bring any game over to the west and waste money for years and years.

The reality is....I know you personally would want Zero, Kenzen and any other Yakuza they make coming to you, but I'd rather have a Yakuza to want to come to the west, then to had gotten Zero, 5 day 1 and Kenzen only for them to announce they are going out of business because they can't afford to do such things.

Maybe its better to have Yakuza games exist world wide for a long time vs some going everywhere for a short time.

Also, semi-ot, but hoping we see another Yakauza game at TGS!

DemonChicken1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Good points but looking at the games NIS and xseed publishes which many are niche series, this kind of breaks Sega's localising position in many JP games.

Obviously sales is a factor, if it was making a lot of profit then they would be churning this game out like those crappy sonics.

Popularity wise, Yakuza is one of the most requested games on the list from third party productions and of course there are other factors i think contributed to the low sales like the localisation delays it takes to port from east to west, lack of marketing and the negative cuts in the Y3. The first game english dub was horrible with the constant f-bombs really put me off and a lot of other people I know but the gameplay redeemed itself.

But hey they did put yakuza 4 on ps plus so maybe we will see a spike in sales in addition the people who are already aware of the game.

_-EDMIX-_1202d ago

@Demon- "Obviously sales is a factor" its the factor lol

NIS titles also likely cost less to make too.

They have to market it here more and they must market it differently too. It might have to be come a digital only game with just subs for Sega to see it worth it.

If thats the case, I'm fine so long as we get some Yakuza games in the west.

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generalwinter1202d ago

I hope this comes to ps4. I played the previous ones and they were good, although I hope they changed it so you don't have to fight "street punks" every 10 steps! That drove me nuts!

WitWolfy1202d ago

I agree, Everybody in the street of Japan is an A-HOLE!

Christopher1202d ago

Same. Own all the past games. Want to own this on PS4, not PS3.

DualWielding1202d ago

I never pre-order but I'm considering to pre-order this to support localization of future Yakuza games

_-EDMIX-_1202d ago

Your a good man! I'm pre-ordering too to get the discount and to also support Sega and the Yakuza team. Hopefully its enough to show they can cover cost.

WitWolfy1202d ago

Could barely get myself to finish Takuza 3... Not my cup of coffee...

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