Beyond: A Spoiler-Free Metal Gear Solid V Discussion

IGN: Marty's off doing some covert ops, so we invited Vince on to share some SPOILER-FREE war stories from his time reviewing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. We touched on a few other topics, but for the most part, this is episode is solid Metal Gear.

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TLG19911151d ago

Okay, today is the day i stop looking at and metal gear stuff until Tuesday. its just making this last little wait feel like a lifetime.

chrisx1151d ago

This game will open up an everlasting debate and convo among MGS fans with its insane plot twist

Summons751151d ago

Someone can't read SPOILER FREE so don't even start...really bad enough reviewers are breaking embargo, we don't need trolls in the comments too

chrisx1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

What Mgs game does not have an insane plot twist? You can't read or what,or your trollish nature just loves to spew dust?

skydragoonityx1151d ago

So many spoilers going round hohoho its christmas *logs out of n4g till next month*

FunkyGoron1151d ago

I have been hearing and reading from a lot of outlets that indicate this game doesn’t have a MGS moment. The gameplay is some of the best of recent memory but story-wise there doesn’t seem to be a huge OMG moment.

That said… I really believe there’s a classic Kojima-twist that the reviewers and websites have been barred from speaking on.

Then again, my entire MGS history is watching youtube and wiki reading to get the story straight. I’m pumped for this game for the gameplay I’ve heard everyone rave about.

OFF TOPIC: Man… Beyond used to be my favorite show, I love some of the guys on there but Max really bugs me. He never seems happy, constantly is a drag on the moment, and I don’t think he’s funny. He’s only good to be an accent piece to Brian actually being funny. It’s also like Max hates saying BEYOND! and gets annoyed when the others do it.

KuroKazuma1151d ago

anyone knows what happened to MGS V in US Store?

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