Playing Catch Up

A look at what Microsoft are doing wrong with the Xbox One and how they can improve things to compete with Sony.

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SpaceRanger1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

I've always stated that MS is a North American focused console both last gen and this gen. In no way am I saying it's a bad console. But in regard to it's big features... None should be exclusive to only NA. That there is the main reason (besides some early PR screw ups from the higher ups) that it doesn't do well over all in getting more people to its fanbase worldwide.

Bigger fanbase (sales) = more support

^^^thats a fact and there's no denying it. And the outcome is happy gamers with better and more games. We saw it with the PS2, Xbox 360, and now with PS4. The main difference is that Playstation is known for delivering top notch exclusives year round from start to finish in each gen.

Everything's else in that article is either common sense or debatable at best.

n4rc1150d ago

"Bigger fanbase (sales) = more support "

i disagree completely.. i dont see xbox missing any support and i didnt see ps3 miss out on anything while they were behind etc..

you just need enough to make it worth while..

and which features are you referring to?

thecowsaysmoo1150d ago

True, the only thing xbox gamers will miss out is games sony makes / funds or niche Japanese games. Other than that Xbox one will get support. 13+ million users (a lot of them north americans who buy the most games) is hard to ignore. The number will only increase over time.

Minato-Namikaze1150d ago

Persona? Star ocean? Nier? Dragon quest? SFV? I could name more, but they are missing the support the could help them grow as a global brand.

n4rc1150d ago


little confused what you are trying to say..

those games are missing support from customers (simply meaning they dont sell big numbers here), not developers.

Spotie1150d ago

Xbox is missing support- developer support- because it's missing those games. And it's missing those games because there isn't a large enough user base to justify them- in Japan, anyway.

If the brand were a bigger success worldwide, franchises like those might make their way to Xbox. But it doesn't do so well outside a few markets, so no Persona for Xbox.

n4rc1150d ago

ok fair enough... wasnt looking at it like that..

but i also wasnt talking about Japan.. thats kind of a whole different story lol.. there really isnt much of a user base there..

and if they arent going to sell a Japanese game in Japan, then they certainly arent releasing it anywhere else..

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Kiwi661150d ago

So what big features are exclusive to north america

LoydX-mas1150d ago

The PS4 is "A games machine for gamers".

Ummm, starting at $100 less than the Xone might have helped just a little as well.

StrayaKNT1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

Microsoft don't need to change anything at the moment the competition is playing catch up trying to match the amount of amazing exclusives playing on xbox one. For every 7 or 8 amazing xbox games, the competition will have about one or two to counter imo and this is coming from someone with all consoles. The Xbox one has been winning in the gaming department for three years straight so this article is laughable lol damage control after gamescom is so real.

GrubsterBeater1150d ago

You must see lots of unicorns and griffins on a daily basis, because you are living in a dream world...

StrayaKNT1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

I am. A world where I have amazing exclusives to play :) come to my world bro.

I actually have the right to say that because I have played all exclusives on all consoles. Gears ultimate looks AMAZING!

GrubsterBeater1150d ago


Yeah... because XBox One has sooo many exclusives that have released this year.. how can PS4 compete when it is sooo outnumbered by XBox One exclusives... c'mon man, you can't be serious...

Kingdomcome2471150d ago

Sorry, but... I find it terribly hard to believe that you own a PS4. You say some of the most outlandish things in support of the Xbox. "Gears: UE is the best looking game this gen." OT: I'm glad Micro is in this spot. Sony is doing great as always, and Microsoft has had to reassess, and pander to the core gamer. I love what I'm seeing out of both of my consoles lately.

Fro_xoxo1150d ago

with the way things are right now..

there's no such thing as "playing catch up"..

The quality is there on all fronts, from hardware, UI, Features to games.

Everything else, like this article is jus' politics.

FlexLuger1150d ago

Agreed. aside from sales, what else does MS need to "catch up" on? The upcoming games are looking great and the future looks even better as an owner of an xbox.

PhoenixUp1150d ago

Its impossible for Xbox One to catch up since the gap grows larger every week.

That being said Microsoft isn't doing terrible this gen, they're performing way better than they did with Xbox 360 last gen.

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