1UP: Wolfenstein First-Look Preview

It's a battle-scarred European city draped with swastika banners. Allied soldiers are exchanging gunfire with Germans. They'll progress after you've hit certain checkpoints. Oh, look -- crates, doorways, narrow streets, and the occasional car. As the usual running and gunning is demonstrated, Wolfenstein project lead Eric Biessman notes, "See how the enemy is using cover. The friendly A.I., too."

The demo goes on, showing off Havok physics, fancy fire graphics, and depth of field focus effects. A grenade is thrown, and there's the indicator on the screen. Biessman calls the engine "id Tech 4 plus." It's all very latter-day Call of Duty. "One of the aspects we're pushing," he says, "is the expansive environment. Does 1UP want to fight through, or do they want to try another path, or do they want to go down the sewers and come up behind them?" He jumps up onto a roof, down onto some scaffolding, and then neatly into a machine gun nest. You can imagine the rest.

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Andor_Trask4314d ago

Wolfenstein is a classic....Return to castle wolfenstein was badass...a NEW next gen RTCW??!?! YES PLZ!!!