Fresno Bee | ‘Until Dawn’ is the masterful missing link between TV and gaming we’ve been waiting for

“Until Dawn” is a fantastic horror game that keeps players scared without frustrating them too much. It throws enough wrinkles into its seemingly conventional scary-movie plot to keep us all guessing from start to finish.

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PaleMoonDeath1152d ago

Seems anyone who loved Heavy Rain will love this even more, being someone who enjoyed Heavy Rain, I ain't passing this up.

Thatguy-3101152d ago

Yup! I think this game can be enjoyed by people that are into horror movies. Especially classic ones. I'm having a blast so far and can't stop playing. The totems make the game more interesting since you can base certain choices from the glimpses that you see.

DragonKing811152d ago

It reminds me of Heavy Rain, Alan Wake, and Indigo Prophecy!

Spotie1152d ago

I'm not into horror games. Not gonna lie, they scare the poop outta me. But my girlfriend likes scary stuff, so maybe I'll get it for her.

MysticStrummer1152d ago

I'm enjoying the hell out of the game but it's really not all that scary, except for numerous mostly well done jump scares. It's a bit creepy in places, exploring around in the dark knowing something could happen at any second, but I think you'll be able to handle it and playing it with your gf is probably a good way to go anyway.

Spotie1152d ago

It doesn't take much to scare me in games. It's odd, because horror movies rarely ever scare me, but even non horror games like Xenosaga and Lunar get my nerves going. Hell, I'd be scared just watching.

That said, I'll probably still get it. Might not be as bad with someone else around.

Wolfenstein511152d ago

This game should be 40 bucks. Overpriced.

Kratos0Ultra1152d ago (Edited 1152d ago )

have you played it? I think multiplayer focused games should be 20 bucks only. They are easier to make (worst graphics, no motion capture, etc...) So tell Microsoft to sell Halo 5 and Fable Legends for $20 each. As we all know Titanfall was overpriced.

The_BlackHeart__1152d ago

@ Kratos0Ultra - What do you mean TitanFall was overpriced?

Didn't you play the campaign? That thing was a masterpiece in story telling. lol.