The Peter Dinklage Destiny Lines We’ll Miss Most


In just a couple of weeks, Peter Dinklage will no longer be in Destiny. Let’s take a moment to remember him.

A couple of weeks ago Bungie announced that Dinklage’s character, Ghost, would be recast for the upcoming Taken King expansion. In addition, Bungie is taking the unusual step of having Ghost’s new actor, voiceover veteran Nolan North, re-record all of Dinklage’s old lines in addition to the new ones. Peter Dinklage’s Ghost is about to become, well, a ghost.

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Bennibop1517d ago

'That Wizard came from the Moon' best line ever!

Vitalogy1516d ago

I really like the "Don't do that" bit when the guardian call the ghost little light in "Strangers Call" mission at the end of the cut scene.

Mostly because the ghost does an expression which makes me imagine - even visualize - Dinklage's face frowning LOL it's priceless :p

fitfox1517d ago

so dinklage is being punished for being given the dullest dialogue ever in a videogame?

dumahim1516d ago

I think part of it was Dinklage wasn't available to record new lines, so they brought in someone new and had to redo all the other stuff to keep it consistent.

Bleucrunch1517d ago

"We've woken the Hive." - I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to the dark still sounds new to me everytime I hear it.

I didn't have a problem with Dinklage's voice...its a ghost, exactly what is a ghost supposed to sound like? You just can't please everyone Bungie.

Tex1171516d ago

Ha, it was so bad it was good. (Of course, he had some tough lines to deliver).