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"Xeodrifter is a punishing game. Like the Souls series, it is quite possible that you'll find yourself frustratingly stuck, adamant that you have explored every possible nook and cranny a dozen times over to no avail. In these moments, it is understandable that some players may resort to a game guide or decide to abandon their quest altogether

I cannot stress enough how refreshing that feels. Xeodrifter respects your intelligence and your capabilities, trusting that you can figure it all out by yourself."

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SlappingOysters1201d ago

Very interested in this now - thanks for the review.

Macka10801201d ago

Glad you liked it! And it's scheduled to hit PS4 and Vita next week too (on PS+), so that will give more people a chance to give it a shot.

shipnabottle1201d ago

Nice review. Really looking forward to having a crack next week courtesy of PS Plus