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"Xeodrifter is a punishing game. Like the Souls series, it is quite possible that you'll find yourself frustratingly stuck, adamant that you have explored every possible nook and cranny a dozen times over to no avail. In these moments, it is understandable that some players may resort to a game guide or decide to abandon their quest altogether

I cannot stress enough how refreshing that feels. Xeodrifter respects your intelligence and your capabilities, trusting that you can figure it all out by yourself."

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SlappingOysters3244d ago

Very interested in this now - thanks for the review.

Macka10803244d ago

Glad you liked it! And it's scheduled to hit PS4 and Vita next week too (on PS+), so that will give more people a chance to give it a shot.

shipnabottle3244d ago

Nice review. Really looking forward to having a crack next week courtesy of PS Plus


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In Episode 171 of its podcast, Random Nintendo highlights overlooked Switch eShop games worth watching for or playing now, including Sky Force Reloaded and Xeodrifter, plus looks back at three of the big trends of Switch's first year.

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Xeodrifter Review - Bite Sized Metroid | Switch Era

Carl from SwitchEra.net writes: "In Atooi’s Xeodrifter, players take control of an interstellar adventurer as they scour four different planets in search of the materials required to repair their ship’s damaged warp core. What began as a by-the-numbers Metroid clone turned into something a little more special thanks to one very neat upgrade."

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DillyDilly2357d ago

So I guess no Direct this month aka no games this year thats not a port ?

stupidusername2357d ago

"no games this year thats not a port" Aren't you forgetting Pokemon, Metroid and Fire Emblem?
I'm sure there's more directs coming. I would be very surprised if we didn't get any word on Smash and Pikmin 4 soon.

septemberindecember2357d ago

Kirby, Yoshi, and Mario Tennis arent ports. Those are confirmed for 2018.

2357d ago
michellelynn09762356d ago

There are lots of original big titles announced for this year.

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DillyDilly2357d ago

So heres a question guys should the next Smash Brothers be changed into Nintendo: Battle Royale or should the next Smash Brothers have a true Battle Royale mode ? Or should this maybe be a different game entirely ?

G3ng4r2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

They should replace everyone with a bunch of garbage characters, make it really mediocre and call it playstation all-stars.

Knushwood Butt2356d ago

Sam Sho II

A game I owned over 20 years ago.