Fighters Destiny Retrospective Review

When you think of the N64 you don’t really think of fighters…well besides the obvious one. The most memorable are perhaps the ones with the biggest franchises like Mortal Kombat and Killer Instinct. But the N64’s best fighter has to go to Genki and Imagineers joint venture Fighters Destiny. Sure it may not be much to look at but it stills offers, even to this day, fun and enjoyable combat and a rather unique take on point distribution.

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GamerGabs1241d ago

Never picked this one up, but the points system sounds really interesting. It's a shame that no-one has tried to replicate it.

1241d ago
MrsNesbitt1241d ago

Never heard of this game! Nice review

tonmori1240d ago

Hadn't heard of this game before but the points system does sound interesting. Probably more fair than two out of three wins.

packersmoversam1240d ago

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