It’s Time for a Red Dead Redemption Sequel

Red Dead Redemption was lightning in a bottle and had a uniqueness about it that still stands even five years after its launch. Now all we need is a sequel.

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omeganine1150d ago

Such a great game. I want a sequel on current gen ASAP.

poppinslops1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

I wouldn't be suprised if R* (who tend to keep quiet about upcoming non-GTA games) have already put years of work into 'Red Dead 3' - it's just one of those inevitable games that doesn't need to be announced early, 'cos everyone's gonna buy it regardless... like Fallout 4 - it was obvious Bethesda were working on it, but I don't think anyone thought they'd be so close to completion.

Regardless, I expect the next Red Dead will have at least two playable characters - GTA-style heists would work just as well in a Western (trains, banks, Civil-War forts, casino steamboats etc) and all the best cowboy stories have a crew of misfit anti-heroes... I reckon a bounty-hunting Priest, a Native American Pinkerton agent and a gunslingin' farmer's daughter would make for an interesting trio.

R* will probably go for a similar time-period to Redemption - if-only for the sake of giving players access to 'modern' technology - but I imagine they'll set it somewhere different... Perhaps in Colorado or Louisiana?

So long as they keep the poker I'll be happy... RDR's poker is still the best.

showtimefolks1150d ago

I hope next red dead will just have one playable character. having 3 characters in gta 5 came at the cost of having an awesome story

but other than that I agree that next red dead probably has been in development for a while now, I could see something being announced at playstation event(since gta5 announcement also came at sony's confernce and it wasn't exclusives)

what time period would they set the next red dead in ?

poppinslops1150d ago

I think either during or just after the Civil-War... films like The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Seraphim Falls and The Outlaw Josey Wales effectively used the conflict as a backdrop for portions of their stories.

It's recent enough that most of the technologies available in RDR would be relatively widespread... and if R* went for a Deep-South setting they could tie-in an overzealous 'Colonel Sanders meets Dicaprio-in-Django' and his legion of Greycoats as villains.

Sort of like an ultra-violent version of 'Gone with the Wind'.

-Foxtrot1150d ago

Really would like to see another one.

Love if they made Bonnie Macfarelene the main character, obviously she would be older and have a NEW voice actresses

Do like an Outlaw Josey Wales story like her husband and children are murdered and she goes out for Revenge

Red Dead Revenge.

Jalva1150d ago

"Love if they made Bonnie Macfarelene the main character, obviously she would be older and have a NEW voice actresses"

Wouldn't make sense, Red Dead Redemption's ending marked the end of the wild west and the birth of modern civilization, the next RDR game will be a prequel, I personally hope it's set a good 50 years before Redemption and has a completely new cast of characters.

-Foxtrot1150d ago

Well they could still have it set a few years later and you could witness the end of the Wild West era

Maybe integrate it into the story about things being built and western looking towns becoming revamped.

Like one half of the map is the outlands , where the Wild West is still active but the other is a changing landscape. I mean by this game the maps will become even bigger

It would be a neatly tied together trilogy before they start to go back and do prequel stuff.

Sciurus_vulgaris1150d ago

I always liked the idea of prequel game. The one I want would be 'Red Dead Damnation' where you play as Dutch and John.

George Sears1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

I would love a new entry towards the franchise but I wouldn't want a sequel. Redemptions ending was great, I don't see a need to add anything more on the story.

This franchise should be treated more so like they do with GTA. Make a new game with new characters, a new story with the possibility of cameo appearances and references of knowable characters just to give it more fluidity towards the lore.

The story of John and his family has already been concluded. In the game you see the transition of the west becoming more modern and industrialized. R* needs to revert back to an era where the west was still wilder and had more outlaws than in Redemption, seeing as in the game outlaws were starting to become a rarity.

showtimefolks1150d ago

I think that's why WAY R* will also look at red dead. now whether they do a sequel or a prequel I am not sure

part of me would love a new red dead set few years after the events of redemption and how the old wild west is coming to an end. but part of me would love a prequel set 30 to 40 years before and we really see how nasty wild west really was

isarai1150d ago

Well they did the golden age of the cowboy with Red Dead Revolver, the end of the cowboy era with Red Dead Redemption, so how about next we get the dawn of the cowboy?

jdaboss1150d ago

its time for something from Rockstar. DLC for gta5 new game or something. tired of all gta all the time.

isarai1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

There's literally only been two GTA games in the past decade, meanwhile they've released Bully, Midnight Club 3 and Los Angeles, Manhunt 2, L.A. Noire, The Warriors, Table Tennis, Red Dead Redemption, and Max Payne 3

_-EDMIX-_1150d ago

?? Not the same teams bud, you do know that RockStar North didn't do the actual Red Dead games right? They are not the same teams.

You wouldn't get massive disagrees if you actually just read who makes what.

Rockstar is not just 1 team, I mean..knowing that might have made you think twice about assuming they just did all games at that publisher.

sooooo take a look at those teams and what they did.

Did you learn something here tonight?

Games take time to make Destiny took 6 years, Horizon as been in development for over 4 years, only 1 year after Red Deads release mind you.

What if they've been working on Red Dead 3 LONGER by 1 year adding up to 5 or so years? What if next E3 is them showing it off for the first time?

What if they've only been working on it for 4 years but need more time then Horizion and its coming spring or fall 2017?

You really need to learn who makes what before making such claims.

GTAV's DLC is also being done by a fraction of the damn team that did GTAV....they've also been done with GTAV since 2013....or did you think that the PS4 and PC ports all 100% of the staff at North worked on it right? I have to know how DLC is made, how ports are made, who is making them extra.

That is like a damn Star Wars remastered film coming out for 4k and you think that its delaying Star Wars 7.

Do you not get how young and naive that sounds?

That is like saying your tired of EA doing Battlefield all the time and want something new.

Disregard that it is DICE that does BF and not EA as they are the publisher, not a team, disregard further that DICE is made up of several teams.

Or...did you think Star Wars BF was stopping BF5? Or did you think that Mirrors Edge is being done by the same exact people that are working on Star Wars.....

Take the time to really learn who is making your games and who is merely publishing, go a step future and learn how big that team is and if they are even many smaller teams combined into one big team.

It will help you greatly on N4G and within life.

isarai layed out many, many IPs and games they've released over the years. Though they are quite right now, many teams are currently as next gen games take longer to make then past gen ones. They don't have the luxury of just using the same engine like lets say Fallout 4 is doing.

They need to rebuild and design lots of new assets and takes time. We didn't just get GTAIV in 2005 bud....we didn't even get it in 2007, look how how long it took to release after their last gen GTA.

Its not just some damn copy and paste job.

showtimefolks1150d ago

no matter which R* team you are talking about 3 people are the same every where

Sam houser
Dan houser
Leslie benzies

so while you are right R* north are not doing all those games but the executive producers stay the same

so yes next red dead will be made by R* San Diego but still it will be under the control of guys who make gta 5.

these same were producers for la noire
red dead redemption
gta 4
gta 5
and others

_-EDMIX-_1150d ago

They can over see more then one game, don't you wonder how Bully, GTA ,Table Top Tennis etc got done? Why have those other teams?

And those "guys" that do GTA are called RockStar North.

2 people didn't just make GTA...

Clearly they hand some control over to other teams as it would just make no sense to even have OTHER TEAMS.

GTAV was being worked on while they where making Red Dead.

GTAV began in 2009, Red Dead Released in 2010....

I also don't know what you mean with LA Noire. That was a Team Bondi game , its director and producer was not of Rockstar's team other then Josh Needleman.

The director and Producer of that game are both from The Getaway series.

I'm sorry but a producer working on a game doesn't' mean other teams are not doing work. I mean...GTAV's existence sorta ironically disproves that if you consider it was being made during Red Dead's development.

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