Wii breaks Xbox sales record

The Nintendo Wii is the fastest-selling games console in Australian history, snatching the title from Microsoft's Xbox 360.

In the first four days since its launch last Thursday, 32,901 Wii units were sold nationwide, said Daniel Morse, games analyst at GfK.

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untouchable4329d ago

Wii is half the price of the 360. Dont ever expect the PS3 to take this tittle.

FirstknighT4329d ago

I am surprised by the success of the wii. It looks like the controller is sweeping the nation! I know graphics aren't everything, but certain games (Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Call of Duty 3) look absolutly awful compared to the 360! I personally think the wii is more for the kiddies!

UrbanJabroni4329d ago

As a former graphics whore and owner of a 360 and PS3, I am AMAZED by how much fun the Wii is. It has been dominating my play time, and according to the podcasts, virtually all the editors at the game mags agree.

eepiccolo4329d ago

People have claimed Nintendo is "more for the kiddies" since the SNES! Guess, what, it's not! It's a freaking marketing ploy that SEGA started 15 years ago with Mortal Combat. All because Nintendo is "kid friendly" doesn't make it "for the kiddies".

Nintendo has made the better console. Thus, it is doing better in the market.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4328d ago

good for the fat kiddies. As alway consult with your family doctor before using this product.

jacen10004329d ago

its like the new must have item and i myself have been gaming for years super powerfull pc ansd 360 but cant keep the wii mote outa my hand realy neat and well put together and it works well also.

DixieNormS4329d ago

Funny because if there is plenty of consoles available then any console can break the record. PS3, 360, or wii.

Yo Wassap4329d ago

It' good to see the Wii doing well after the failure of the GC. I don't really like it very much (i'm not very fond of the controller)but certainly wish it a good run.

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