Microsoft dishing out free Xbox Live points?

A number of Xbox Live users are reporting that Microsoft has topped up their accounts with 500 MS Points. Trouble is, nobody knows why.

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Parm3822d ago

That's exactly what I thought...until I checked and found an extra 500 MS Points in my account.

Spent them quickly before Microsoft begins to miss them. Geometry Wars 2 here I come... :)

rogimusprime3822d ago

to make up for that sorry @SS ninja Gaiden mission pack they released that zonked everyones achievements and hard drive connections.

predator3822d ago

that explains alot, I thought i added them when i was complety wasted one night. cool thanks MS

Dark_Vendetta3822d ago

argh mines are still at 1230 points :(. Did you do anything "special" the last days?

3822d ago
Sitdown3822d ago

I feel like I might have gotten them too...I am not sure though.......I can not remember if my account has been sitting at 2100 or 2600.

macsto3822d ago

WHAT the hell? I was on 20 points, now I have 2720? THANK YOU MS YOU BASTARDS.

Dark_Vendetta3822d ago

WTF??? Now that's a nice gift. What about me MS :>?

Destroyer2293822d ago

lol i think ms's devs need to learn how to add and multiply xD

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The story is too old to be commented.