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Back in January of 2005 I learned a very valuable lesson that’s stuck with me for a decade. A little game you all might know came out then, called Resident Evil 4, and it contained cut-scenes that flirted with traditional gameplay scenarios. The most memorable one definitely had to be that knife fight. In it, you had to not only watch the wonderfully choreographed fight, but also remain fully attentive, waiting to see what button prompts flashed on-screen. Fail to respond in time and it was game over. A decade later, and we have entire games built around quicktime events like that. And in the survival horror genre, this could work amazingly well. Enter: Until Dawn.

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core_51149d ago

another great score ... next surprise hit from sony ..

Sparta071149d ago

Got my copy today, can't wait to get home and play this gem... I'm a suckered for horror games.

psplova1149d ago

Well if 'Rely on Horror' likes it... : P

Ozmoses1149d ago

I played for about 3 hours I think. I stopped around 4 am when I got to the part with the character Sam.

I had a blast. I haven't seen anything major scary but some of those jumps scares got me real good haha.

I'm about to start playing again in a little bit.

MysticStrummer1149d ago

Yeah I've jumped a few times myself. Made me laugh. I didn't expect "scary", since the game is basically emulating a PG-13 horror flick and even rated R horror sadly doesn't scare me anymore, but I have been creeped out a few times and I am enjoying the game a lot.

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