20th Anniversary DualShock 4 Release Date Changes… Again

The 20th Anniversary DualShock 4 has had its release date shifted around - again.

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PhoenixUp1151d ago

Just give us the controller already. The nostalgia can't wait any longer

SpaceRanger1150d ago

Just seeing the color scheme of the controller brings back so many memories!

xSoulR3aper1150d ago

why cant they just make a controller like the xbox's layout? Also they need to fix the thumb sticks so they stop getting ripped apart and they need to make the battery last longer...

RosweeSon1150d ago

Well having had mine since launch I agree on the battery life, everything else mentioned no thanks.

wakeNbake1150d ago

Yoshida said in an interview once that they tried that with some of the DS4 prototypes but ultimately settled with the current layout because its so engrained into the Playstation aesthetic.

SpaceRanger1150d ago

Because having an asymmetrical layout of anything dealing with our hands is scientifically known to be less ergonomic and less natural.

The thumb sticks? I'm pretty sure they fixed that within the first year.

Battery isn't bad at all. I'm glad I don't have to fork over any extra money just to use my controller.

Bathyj1150d ago

Actually I admit the battery is kind of sucky but its not that big a deal. Still better than batteries going flat and then scrambling to find new ones. That used to annoy me.

Anyway this controller will solve that problem for me as now I'll have a second one on charge at all times.

rdgneoz31150d ago

Yah, the battery can be recharged using any android phone chargers and a wall outlet. Not having to spend money on batteries (and trying to find out where people moved them to) or extra for a kit to make it rechargeable is nice.

Thumb sticks were fixed after the initial problem, though they have some nice covers for the thumb sticks that work on the xbone and PS4 controllers that add a little grip (and stop the ripping).

KiwiViper851150d ago

Most games don't require constant use of the right thumbstick, so having my thumbs in the same position (Left thumbstick / Right ABXY) makes perfect sense doesn't it?

Only FPS and Twin stick shooters use equal amounts of both sticks. I don't play either genre.

It comes down to nothing but personal preference. I'm not even going to acknowledge the "scientifically known" bit...

Antifan1150d ago

Soulreaper don't even own a ps4 to know those fact you just mention. It's a troll account, nothing more.

KwietStorm1150d ago

The battery life sure as hell could be a lot better.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )


Nah, I play mostly FPS and it was always left first, less equal movement, lefts always forward 70% of the time or flanking and people have their natural flank side they'll go to in open shootouts, over time wearing out the upper and one side of sick. Left stick has and always will wear down on DS4, it's not fixed just not as bad, I bought tall covers anyways. Much better now, more responsive too, wouldn't be the same if I went back to the stock.

Actually, it is, I use a symmetrical keyboard layout rather than QWERTY for typing, it's meant to slow you down so old typewriters wouldn't cross, and the same can be said for any kind of controls.

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Bathyj1150d ago

Naaa, we dont need that. Except the battery of course.

Spotie1150d ago

Pass on the layout change.

Revengeance1150d ago

Like the Xbox layout? Eww.

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SynestheticRoar1150d ago

Mine still looks brand new. Black slip cover and sweet thumb grips. Be ahead of the game people.

RosweeSon1150d ago

Can't find the headset anywhere in the U.K ;(

loadstone0071150d ago

Can someone write the new date in the comments? This site is blocked in my workplace :(

WeAreLegion1150d ago

September 16th.

I know the feeling, bro. These sites are blocked at my work, too.

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