Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2016

"Make Bit Cultures your destination every Tuesday, as you can expect a Top 10 from the staff every week and we’re starting with a pretty big one"

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Paul_Cesar1240d ago

Can't wait for Cuphead and the Last Guardian. Finally.

Magicite1239d ago

FF15 at the top for me.

kira9891240d ago

Not a single game i disagree with on this list! Nicely done

Haru1240d ago

My top 10 list for 2016 is :

1- Uncharted 4
2- Horizon Zero Dawn
3- Mirror's edge
4- Final Fantasy 15
5- The last Guardian
6- Street fighter 5
7- No man's sky
8- Dishnored 2
9- Ratchet and clank
10- Gran Turismo 7 (Only if it's really coming out in 2016 as the rumors suggest)

SilverClock1240d ago

I bought a PS3 just to play The Last Guardian and Kingdom Hearts 3...hahaha....But after the Wii, the Playstation soon became my favorite system anyway lol.
But I am still looking forward to Zelda, and THAT FINAL FANTASY THO. DAYUM!

Tex1171240d ago

Thats a pretty solid list right there. Might re-arrange a few, but a good list.

(No way FFXV comes out next year, but hey...keep on keepin on).

Magicite1239d ago

ff15 WILL COME NEXT YEAR for sure.

Eiyuuou1239d ago

I have faith in the devs. They'll deliver in time.

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The story is too old to be commented.