Wii outsells PS3 3:1 in Japan

Sony disappears in Nintendo's rear view mirror.

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Bordel_19004325d ago

PS3 sales in Japan are almost as insignificant as the X360 sales in Japan.

I wonder when they're gonna start buying PS3's in Japan?

unamed084325d ago

Simply when AAA JRPGs will hit the PS3. The PS2 was home to JRGs, and look how far it went in all the PS3 needs are top quality JRPGs. Not MMORPGs, just RPGs.

Jamie Foxx4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

seems sony have let microsoft snag them all, all their hardwork from the ps2 era is slowly unravilling in japan at present disagree all you want but evidence speaks for itself sony even lost a sure system seller monster hunter

decapitator4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Yeah and PSP murders Wii and DS, seriously whats the point of making such a sensationalist title ? Can't believe Yahoo are whoring for hits.

juuken4325d ago

If a FFVII-2 game comes, or anything related to FFVII, you'll see the magic unravel.

Voiceofreason4325d ago

PSP doesnt count. Nobody buys games for it. We dont track Ipod sales so why should we care about the PSP.

gaffyh4325d ago

I really don't see the point of this story, we already know the Wii is selling great in Japan. If the PS3 or 360 outsold the Wii at some point then there is a story, cos that's not normal.

Wii60Fan4325d ago

Final Fantasy XIII comes out.

KnowitAll4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

"Yeah and PSP murders Wii and DS"
Wii is only behind 6 million from the psp
I guarantee you by the end of this year wii will be tie or surpass the psp.

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Viktor E4325d ago

Don't really care for Wii after E3 2008.

clintos594325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

Of course a system priced at 250 dollars at launch is bound to sell so many units. And yet analyst and a few fanboys act like this is something huge to brag about. Come show me something as amazing as over 400,000+ ps3's sold in america only at the price range the ps3 is at with competition like nintendo and 360 around with there systems being more cheaper at the launch of MGS4 which was june 12th to the end of june. That is what u call impressive. I got nothing against the wii, I own all 3 systems but some people are trying to make a big deal of the wii sales worldwide. Let me remind u that the ps2 launched at the price of 399 and yet it still went on to sell 150 million units. And to take it to the next level its been 9 years since the debut of the ps2 and guess what, it is still selling right now. Now that is what u call impressive. Good day. :)

Rute4325d ago

Everyone was surprised, including Shigeru Miyamoto and Satoru Iwata. They did not expect these kind of sales.

Wii has already sold over 30 million units, making it by far the fastest selling console of all time. Gamecube launched with a price of $200 ($50 less than Wii) and it's lifetime sales are 23 million.

Rute4325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

If the low price point itself means huge sales, then why didn't Gamecube sell more than 23 million in it's entire lifetime? After all, it was $50 cheaper than Wii from the very beginning.

This question is directed to anyone who agreed with clintos59 and disagreed with me.

Voiceofreason4325d ago

Yeah everyone knew it was going to fly off the shelves.... Totally clueless. Fact: everyone expected it to completely flop. NOw that it hasnt kids are bringing up price like it excuses all those sales and makes them meaningless. Price is why the PS3 is going slow but it has little to do with the Wii. If it was all about price why pay 250 when you can get a quality system for 129.99?

Xiru4325d ago

Oprah just bought a Wii. That accounts for about 5 million sales right there... Its selling because of mass market appeal. The price helps, but isn't the sole factor.

N4g_null4325d ago

If the Wii is selling off mass market appeal then fans of sony only bought a PS3 because they where expecting the same mass market appeal. Some even admit that they see SONY in the middle with this. SONY has never launched a system like this before. Their system was always the under powered system each gen. This same power is turning certain games and gamers away. I've said before japan does not like PC games then look at your PS3 line up. It's looking like an xbox 360 lineup. AKA a PC game line up.

I think the PS3 is selling mostly because the xbox is failing. The only people buying the PS3 is a small group of PS brand riders similar to what nintendo had with the GC. Price was the problem for the gamecube for a while also. What is funny is SONY is having a gamecube moment right now. They are rallying 1st party help in hope of keeping their current fans happy. The hardcore are know to abandon a system way before the developers do.

The situation in japan is pretty telling though. There where reports that lots of PS3 were sold back to shops in japan after MGS4 was beaten. Which would mean a day or so with the console. If this is true then sales of the PS3 could be badly hurt by this.

Also JRPGs are not the whole answer to the problem. The DS and the Wii are selling with out those games mostly. They will need way more than that. It also does not help that lots of companies lost money on the HD consoles. I don't think killzone 2 will make much of a difference in japan either. Maybe little big planet but I'm not hearing in buzz from japan about it.

clintos594325d ago

The reason why gamecube didnt sell well was because of the format player it was using to create its games on. And seeing that dvd was also being used to create games for ps2, dreamcast, xbox and pc's u would see why devs and consumers preffered those other platforms. A good example is the psp vs ds. Why do u think the psp has been getting blown away from the DS? Because UMD isnt the way to go and also there wasnt many games. Gamecube reminds me od the PSP. I think the PSP will survive though because if we learned one thing about sony and there gaming consoles, is they support there systems for 10 years which we have seen with the psx and now the ps2 and will also happen with the psp and ps3. Good enough answer for u? :)

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cp684325d ago

I personally own a Wii and a PS3. Same for my 3 cousins, same for some friends. We all have a wii, because of it's low price. Yes, i only own 3 games for it, but for me it's enough. (okami, supermariogalaxy and zelda)

Silogon4325d ago

Man Sony is getting crushed in 2 territories and in total by 6:2


Maybe they'll wake up and realise not everyone likes playing as a gun in their games. Maybe they'll realise While Resistance 2 and Killzone 2 and all the other absurd FPS are nice additives, they're not big draws no more and they should get to work on some diversity to sell and branch out their system to more users.

Just a thought, but the reason why the ps3 isn't selling cause it's only got games that cater to one set demo graph of people.

Action, sports and FPS fans. All of them go hand in foot. None of those gamers buy RPG's by and large or adventure games. They stick to those 3 genres.

Sony is too stupid to wake up.

DanWelsh864325d ago

Firstly where did you work that ratio out? imaginary land, and secondly are you such a retard you cannot cancel numbers down. 6:2 = 3:1, please stop posting on this site, all you talk is rubbish and i'm sick of you. I come here to see the different viewpoints from Xbox and PS3 owners to assess the general consensus and I have to say that you really let the Xbox team down, admittedly there are a few idiots from my side (PS3) but you take the cake as the most stupid and annoying person ever. Just shut up unless you have something constructive to say because you're not even flaming anymore, you're just annoying everyone on this site. There is a reason you have 1 bubble, think about that. Personally you should be banned for being such an idiot. Finally the Wii isn't even a real console, it's bought by people who play it at family gatherings then put away.

IzKyD13314325d ago (Edited 4325d ago )

and the 360 is getting outsold 5,000 to 1 by the PS3....whats your point?
and 6:2 IS 3:1 you dumbass...

EDIT: i see the poster above me realized that too :)

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