Opinion : Singstar Vs Lips : It's competitive Karaoke, but who will come out on top?

Competitive Karaoke just got serious, but has Lips really got what it takes to blow Singstar away?

"Microsoft has already proven that it can create intuitive and well presented interfaces, great game lobbies and excellent online and community features in its games.We get the feeling that Lips will certainly look flashier, more next-gen than Singstar, but it's questionable whether it will get the essentials right on its first attempt: the speech recognition, pitch and rhythm detection and scoring system."

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Jamie Foxx4866d ago (Edited 4866d ago )

couldnt upset that franchise

i believe lips will go down the same route as scene it, 360 has not got the causual audience of say the wii or ps2

can you imagine 'right just finished gears 2 now lets go play lips' sorry just cant see it

Mc Fadge4866d ago

Scene It came out before Buzz, as a board game, not sure though :/

Will_Smith4866d ago

but seriously if you think LIPS has a fighting chance to beat Singstar you're not so bright, whats that?? want proof? ok..

Let LIPS compete with THAT... Its a bad ripoff in MS book of "Lets Copy Them Till We Win"

Dareaver14866d ago

so quickly many of you forget..... Karaoke Revolution was the first, and then they came out withKaraoke Revolution Party (which incorporated the dance pad, so you had to do both dance and sing; and the ps2 version incorporated the eye toy.)

Sony did not start everything. But that's what videogames do a lot of the time. They expand/innovate an original thought. That's what Singstar did and that's what Lips is going to do. Take an original idea and try to improve on it.

A question, does the 360 currently have a karaoke game.....? No, so wouldn't it be nice (from a gamers point of view) for 360 gamers to get a game for themselves.

Many of you need to really grow up. It's not really a "Me Too" universe, more or less; it's an "I want to bring a similar experience to my audience".

"Real Gamers" would want everyone to enjoy every aspect of gaming, not some (because i think my company did it first) we should be the only ones that are allowed to do it mentality.

They way many of you think, just imagine; the automotive industry, pc's, mp3 players, cell phones, tv's, and etc.

Game on people....

tatotiburon4866d ago

hey will can you plug your ipod for more song ins singstar?

Bnet3434866d ago

You can sing songs from your iPod or Zune. That's what separates Lips from SingStar. I think win Lips wins with that IMO.

KingME4866d ago

Well said, you hit the nail right on the head. Bubbles Up. Wish I could give you 2.

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Xi4866d ago

Considering that singstar is a rip-off of music mixer for the original Xbox released well before singstar, and both are a rip off of karaoke revolution.

Will_Smith4866d ago

oh yeah, so whats the name of the "game" that was released on the original Xbox?

i'll be waiting

Dareaver14866d ago

karaoke revolution, which debuted on the PS2 first and was ported to XBox (which let you download more music). Then they pushed Karaoke Revolution to the next level when they created Karaoke Revolution Party, which incorporated the PS2's Eyetoy and the dance pads for the XBox and Gamecube.

Sony did not start everything, i hope you do know that....

Bnet3434866d ago

I don't know how many times I have to post this link:

It was called Xbox Music Mixer. You could do a lot with it besides sing to your music, like connect with your PC.

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Stryfeno14866d ago

We will have to see how many units it moves in Europe. If MS is smart, they will have it available as a bundle.

Gregory House4866d ago

Lips doesn't stand a chance against SingStar in Europe. Instead of inventing a new idea to win the European audience, Microsoft tries to dethrone SingStar by making a clone of it? Why buy a knockoff when you can buy the real thing? Microsoft should just give up Europe already, they can't beat Sony in Europe! Just like how they can't beat Sony in Japan.

KingME4866d ago

I own singstar, and although I like, the song choice is pure garbage (At least for my taste in music (Hip hop / Rnb) Singstar only has 24 songs total in those genres combined. And some of the songs they have listed in those categories should be listed in the pop category. (About 13 of them)

Why they can't seem to find Rnb musics is beyond me. That reason along has me marking LIPS down as a release day buy. And trust me, if this sing any non drm song option works, there will be a lot of people buying it over singstar.

Another thing that annoys me about singstar is that the song choices are almost all 2 year old songs or older. Well, I have new songs on my ipod and zune. This feature along is a deal maker.

thebudgetgamer4866d ago

that they copy beeter then carbon paper?

THC CELL4866d ago

rip box 360 lost again

this game will never beat sing star its bigger than halo

Zerodin4866d ago to look like complete idiots!

silverchode4866d ago

you called someone a droid, now who's the idiot.

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