The First Clip of Nolan North In Destiny

Here’s a tease of what Nolan North’s rendition of Ghost sounds like in Destiny.

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cl19831176d ago

I know I'm basing this opinion off one line, but I'll keep Dinklebot.

Rimeskeem1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Honestly, I had really mixed feeling towards Dinklage voice acting.

on one hand he is a robot so i guess have little emotion is good but on the other hand I wish he had some emotion. Im so nit picky : P

cl19831176d ago

They way I here the line being delivered by Dinkledge sounds better then how North did it.

Nineball21121176d ago

I know Dinklebot was kind of flat when speaking, but you jut get used to his voice.

assdan1176d ago

Honestly, I don't know what was wrong with Dinklebot. People immediately criticized it during the beta, but while I was playing it, I thought it sounded good. He's supposed to speak with little emotion because he's a robot. That's kinda the point. Now, they've recast Ghost with Nolan North, another fantastic voice actor, to sound like a robot yet again.

Soulscare1176d ago

Well they didn't scrap Dinklage because if his performance, just his schedule.

wakeNbake1176d ago

He sounds too... idk jovial I guess. I feel like Dinklage's emotionless, monotonous voice fit the robot AI much better.
Besides Im sick of hearing him and Troy Baker's voice in EVERY GAME.

assdan1176d ago

Well good because that's Nolan North lol.

KiwiViper851176d ago

Ye, He meant Nolan North and Troy Baker...

Sevir1176d ago

Meh, Dinklage sounded uninterested, ghosts were created by the traveler to find Gaurdians and traces of the light... There was never any dictating standard that it had to sound robotic...

I think Nolan's Ghost is fine and we'll come to like it.

And I'm gonna go on a limb and say it but Dinklage's lines in some instances were poorly delivered.

spicelicka1176d ago

I never saw any problem with Dinklage's voice over.

x_RadicalAura_x1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

There never necessarily was. My understanding is it was too difficult to coordinate getting a big-time Hollywood actor (such as Dinklage) back into the studio to record more lines. Whereas Nolan North, Troy Baker, etc. are pretty much dedicated to doing video game voice-overs and can make themselves more readily available.

Re-recording the lines is for continuity so you don't have a different sounding Dinklebot throughout the game, not because there was a problem with Dinklage's original performance.

spicelicka1176d ago

Yeaa that's what I assumed too. But even last year when destiny first came out a lot of people didn't like his voice acting in the game, which I didn't get.

But it makes sense if they're switching now because he's a pretty big actor (no pun intended).

assdan1176d ago

Everyone complained about Dinklage's performance. I don't know why.

ninsigma1176d ago

I liked dinklage as the ghost. Never had a problem with him. North looks like he'll do a good job with it though.

Darkfist1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Dinklage's voice wasnt the problem, it was the way this "ball" comments and how it tried to be funny

LonDonE1176d ago (Edited 1176d ago )

Exactly, i blame the writers and script.
It wasnt the delivery so much, but the actual lines which were the problem.

I still remember the infamous "i dont have time to explain, why i dont have time to explain" which was said to the player by that female robot character which clearly demonstrates the overall bad writing in the game which was at a point where the player badly needed some context.

SaveFerris1176d ago

I wouldn't even have guessed it was Nolan North from the way it sounded. I like Nolan as he has done some great voice acting in some great games but there are probably a lot of other voice actors that could voice Ghost just as well.

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