Playstation Network Sign-up opens

Sign-ups are now open for anyone who'd like to register a Playstation Network account. Working in a similar way to an Xbox Live Gamertag...

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Captain Tuttle4351d ago

what happens if you don't sign up by March 30, 08?

kingboy4351d ago

Once you have registered your Online ID, you will need to activate it by using it at least once from your PS3 before 31 March 2008, otherwise it may be withdrawn.

Captain Tuttle4351d ago (Edited 4351d ago )

Thanks. Your link is broken too, I think.

Scrumptious4351d ago

try a half-assed copy of them.

shikwan4350d ago (Edited 4350d ago )

You see 360 vs PS3 like EVERYDAY but yet where's the actual service-for-service comparison of Xbox Live to Sony's glorified, underdeveloped, underachieved, Playstation Network?
Sony and it's subservient Fanboys have been raving for almost a year about how Sony will bring you everything XBL has-but do it for FREE. PS3 is out and the online service is up, yet I hear scant details of it. I wonder why...???

Oh...and about this article...I thought that was already done. So a month after release and PS3 is JUST now allowing people to create one-of-a-kind user IDs??? Talk about a rushed azz console!

big_tim4350d ago

Not available in the US. It is not on the list of countries.

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