PlayStation 4 Camera further discounted to $39.99

The PlayStation 4 camera, which can be used to record you reactions to the jump scares in Until Dawn, has been further discounted, dropping to just $39.99.

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PhoenixUp1148d ago

I can't imagine a cheesy horror game like Until Dawn getting any real jump scares, but I'll be interested to try it out

Clover9041148d ago

It's gotten me quite a few times. Anyone can be like a bump on a log, but if you turn off the lights and turn up the audio you'll be in for a treat. It's pretty fun looking back at some of your reactions to the events of the game.

Psytrix1148d ago

Honestly.. When are we getting video chat capabilities? That's the whole reason I bought the damn thing. Yes I could use a PC, but that's not the point. There was some announcement of OOvOO around the beginning of the year but it stated the PS4 was getting video chat in Q2 which has long since passed.

Kingoftherodeo1148d ago

honestly for those that actually have this, is there any actual use for it?

_-EDMIX-_1148d ago

Hands free chat while gaming.

Last gen I used the PS Eye often just for that sole use and actually prefer it over a headset. I'll likely get one this fall.

I don't mind the mic that came with the PS4, but I like the hands free option.

Also for streaming, if folks want to see what you look like I guess lol

For $40, its a good deal.