JCPenny Using Games to Engage With College Girls

Thomcult: Obviously seeing the expansion of Facebook and online gaming, retail giant JCPenny has taken steps away from its traditional advertising heritage and embraced this new media to promote its new Dorm Life brand. Aimed at high school graduates, Dorm Life offers home wares for those preparing for their first years of life in university dorms. Wanting to connect with this demographic in an interactive and entertaining way, JCPenny have enlisted the help of digital marketing company EVB San Francisco to produce an online casual-game promoting the range.

Called "Dork Dodger" the game is a must-play for anyone interested in the potential of advertising via online games. The game should be a warning that simply noticing potential consumers are online is not enough to create an authentic dialogue with them. Even in the online space, users mediate their experiences and are just as adept at identifying and rejecting contrived corporate messages as they are when sat on a bus or reading a magazine.

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