Free Madden NFL 16 w/ PS4 at Amazon

Amazon is offering a free copy of Madden NFL 16 with The Last Of Us Remastered PS4 bundle. This offer only runs until the end of the week.

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SaveFerris1150d ago

I expect other retailers will have their own PS4 bundles/offers with Madden 16 in addition to the 'official' MS bundle.

showtimefolks1150d ago (Edited 1150d ago )

should dell well on amazon so will Xbox one with madden bundle.

august will be a very iteresting month sales wise for both ps4 and Xbox one. honestly for the first time in months I don't know who will win august 2015

holiday season I have kind of a rough idea who will take but august I have no idea

also it looks like many stores are offering madden for free with purchase of ps4

SmokingMonkey1150d ago

Great Bunduru, comes with the/my GOAT.

S2Killinit1150d ago

Good deal if you want Madden 16.