This Japanese Indie Game Is Goat Simulator But Starring A Young Anime Girl

Yohjo Simulator is, essentially, Goat Simulator with a young anime girl instead of a goat.

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Kalebninja1151d ago

YES! THANK YOU! i can't wait, why hasn't this been a thing already? /jk... kinda

psychobabble1151d ago

Not gonna lie... this looks like garbage. But I guess they achieved what they set out to make.

Spoonsx1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Wow a Japanese made game with a young anime girl that is dressed inappropriately. What are the odds.

rdgneoz31151d ago

In Japan, they're called buruma and they started around 1903 as PE clothing for girls. It was used up until the mid 90s when it was replaced with sports shorts, though apparently some elementary and junior high still use them. And compared to some American girls (young teens) wondering around with pants that say "JUICY" on that @$$, they're not that bad.

As for the game, it looks like a goat simulator mod and a horrible one at that.

Gohadouken1151d ago (Edited 1151d ago )

Yet ironically very few are concerned with stuff so sexualized and ingrained in popular US tv for all audiences , like cheerleaders ...

Nevermind that they are almost always easy girls , dumb or bullies in those shows and movies as well , instead of the athletes they can simply be in real life ...

Each countries and cultures definitively got their kinks and weirdness , especially for others

Spotie1151d ago

Wow, a completely uninformed yet still incredibly biased. What are the odds?

1151d ago
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