Microsoft: We won't scrap Live Gold fees

MCV: Microsoft revealed that it would be scrapping charges for Games for Windows Live at Gamefest 08 last week – but has confirmed to MCV that it won't be doing the same for Xbox 360 service.

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Viktor E4361d ago

They've convinced 9-10 Million people to pay for a Service that is free on all other Platforms,matter of fact I can see them raising the price by 10 Dollars or something once their Mii system comes out.

Idonthatejustcreate4361d ago (Edited 4361d ago )

If they would care about gamers they would take away the price tag of live or atleast let silver members play online while gold got some special treats like beta testing and free stuff of the marketplace.

M$ is taking advantage of people that doesn't know better and I feel sorry for those who actually put up with this bullshit. When you download a demo thats "free" or a trailer thats "free" on Live you don't get it for free because you pay a monthly fee for it.

Comparing to PSN you atleast have a choice if you want to pay for something like Qore where you get those special benefits or download as much free stuff as you want and it's actually free this time and not free to those that pay for it every month. Nothing is forced on you on PSN and thats what every gaming console online should be like.

mcgrawgamer4361d ago

but raising the price? cmon dude get serious. I know people don't like MSFT, but they aren't that stupid to committe industry suicide. People act like paying is a crime. There was a premium to pay for SegaNet while the ps2 online offering was free. Same reason applied SegaNet was as service, PS2 online was a simple network, and until Sony wiped the floor with sega SegaNet was the place to game online. Even after the console died some still feel it's online offering was better than Sony's.

Bangladesh4361d ago

There is quiet a big gap in quality between Live and these free services that you're refering to.

Idonthatejustcreate4361d ago (Edited 4361d ago )

You can't justify M$ behavior to force people to pay to play online on thier console just because they have slightly better features?

It's the online play that we want so let those who want the extra download speed and cross invite, cross voice chat and so on pay for it and let those that just want to use the multiplayer option in the games they pay 50-60$ for, do that. Basicly if your not a gold member on Live you are paying for half the game you buy. Would you settle for only the single player in Call of duty 4? I guess you would't.

Wake up and smell the bullshit!

gaffyh4361d ago (Edited 4361d ago )

@Bangladesh - When you pay for the Xbox Live Gold service, you are only paying for the ability to play online (and to get demos a little earlier), all the other features are in the silver service. Not really worth it if you see that PSN does the same thing for free.

Also MS shouldn't be bragging about this, they should be saying stuff like Sony does, "We are evaluating all options". Lol. MS will make the XBL free when they start losing the Console War IMO, and by that time it will be too late.

Fox014361d ago

No. we're also paying to play some of Sony's former exclusives (FF, GTA, --->MGS, Tekken...). I guess that's one of the things they're using our money for.

InMyOpinion4361d ago

Good thing. We don't want to end up with a service full of broken features like PSN, now do we?

Imagine only having achievements in one game, no unified gamertag, no custom soundtracks, having not only to download but also install demos and even updates, crippled voicechat, sluggish online store that resembles surfing the Internet with a 28.8 US Robotics modem, not knowing if the game you are buying supports trophies, ingame soundtracks etc.

I wouldn't want to have to endure that mess.

Superfragilistic4361d ago

"You can't justify M$ behavior to force people to pay to play online on thier console just because they have slightly better features?"

He doesn't need to, 11 million Live subscribers and counting have already done it for him! ;)

InMyOpinion4361d ago

@Superfragilistic - Bubbles. You 'hit the weak spot for massive damage' with that one lol!

tudors4361d ago (Edited 4361d ago )

Games for windows live is free yes but if you are refering to PSN then I would have to disagree because PSN is a work in progress, Xbox-live is established and fully functional.

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militant074361d ago

if its become its gona be crap in futur i think by paying will give us 1# service in world

Fishy Fingers4361d ago

I know "forum etiquette" is almost a contradiction in terms, but please try and make your comments coherent.

flexbox3604361d ago

i was lost by ur comment. i have no clue as to what ur saying. all i understand is #1 service in the world

Bangladesh4361d ago

30 Sony fans crying because 360 owners pay for a service that they want.

Idonthatejustcreate4361d ago


it's like talking to a wall...

Bangladesh4361d ago

I'm just really burnt out on this argument. It's goes the same way every time. A group of Sony fans trying to make 360 fans feel ashamed for paying a small subscription fee for a service that they enjoy and want. All while they settle for the technical flaws and missing features of their free service. If PSN or online PC gaming were as good as Live, I wouldn't have a problem paying 10 cents a day for them. The reason PSN & online PC gaming are free is because compared to Live, these services are a big pain in the a**.

Solid_Snake6664361d ago

well you must be rich if you think a small fee is 50 dollars!!! i could buy a game with those 50 dollars

Bucky Sligo4361d ago

Yes, you must be rich to afford 50 dollars a year /sarcasm

@ Idonthate
Guess what, you get what you pay for. PSN will always be playing catchup. By the time they add something that XBL already has like trophies or XMB, XBL just adds more features, further putting PSN away.
If XBL gold was a ripp-off then nobody would have subscribed, which is not the case since there are over 10 million user on Live.

XBL is not free, get over it. People don't mind paying for a good service.

SuperM4361d ago (Edited 4361d ago )

Look. I dont mind the xbox as a gaming machine, but there are 2 things that needs to be sorted before id be willing to buy one. The first thing is the RROD issue and the second is having to pay for online play. Now as much as you claim 360 owners gladly pay for xbox live, it still alienate people from buying it. And as far as im aware the features that xbox live has that PSN doesnt have is availible in the silver membership, so basically what you are paying for on xbox live is not much more then online play, which happen to be free on PSN. If MS atleast used dedicated servers (which PSN has for free)then i could understand why they would charge for it. Thing is though, the xboxlive fees goes more or less straight into MS pocket. Its like donating money to one of the worlds biggest companies. If xbox users put enough pressure on MS they would get this feature for free. But console owners arent like pc owners. They are to connected to the brand and to the companies behind the brand. While pc on the other hand doesnt have one companies that controls the platform.

And when it comes to people thinking 50$ a year is nothing, its like listening to a guy who think he made a good deal paying 50$ a month for 2 years for an 800$ TV. As small as the amount might seem when you divide it on months days or weeks you still pay the same amount of money. If you have xbox live for 6 years you will pay 300$. thats the same as the premium xbox cost right now and if you paid 300$ for the box and had it 6 years then thats the same amount you would have to pay for ps3 at launch. Does it sound like a good deal to you? it doesnt to me.

KBDuB4360d ago

If you can't pay $50 a year, which is about $4 a month, then you need to stop gaming and get a job, cause apparently you don't have one.

Willio4360d ago

i just dont see what xbox live features make it worthwhile in comparison.

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The Wood4361d ago (Edited 4361d ago )

console gamers say more please.. go figure

Im hoping they never scrap the fees because it would be a blow to sony at the moment because psn has a cost advantage whilst xbl has a slight feature and efficiency advantage. Eliminating fees gives MS a double advantage thus attracting more customers.

gnothe14361d ago

QUESTION!! how many of you PSN guys would actually pay 3 dollars a month for the PSN. I know i wont, you guys talk this free like sony really has a choice. you dont think they look at the money MS is making an want to jump in on that but they know with their current offerings nobody would pay for that especially with XBL having MORE feature for the same price.

thebudgetgamer4361d ago (Edited 4361d ago )

but the only thing i care about is lag free online and sony gives me that for free nothing against xbl if you want to pay for more features more power to you im not gonna tell you what you should and shouldnt like play on fellow gamers play on

edit the main problem i have with ms is their need to nickle and dime you to death

DA_SHREDDER4361d ago

The psn would never charge,, it says it right on the box when you buy the system you retard. I have both next gen systems, and yesterday I was actually pissed off that my gold account was expired and I couldn't play the Madden and Facebreaker demos. I almost paid for the service before I remembered the promise to not pay for live again. So a couple of hours later, I realized that the same demos were on the psn,, for free! What seems gimped about that guy?

Well it doesn't matter, cause most of you guys are douches. You guys go ahead and pay to play,, keep on thinking that your slow xbox live interface is worth it. You can do some pretty neat things with your service that as a ps3 user cant like, voice chat during game, and ummmm,, thats about it you freaking retards! And its only to one person at a time,,, you fanboys really know how to look past the details huh? But hey,, when the psn offers in game voice chat,, I wanna hear about all of the other bullcrap that the psn doesn't have that xbox live has. When we get home, and you guy get avatars,, whos actually getting a gimped service? You kids need to wake up and smell the napalm cause a bomb is coming your way.

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