Linger In Shadows dated: August 28


"Presented as a "simple demo" during a German trade fair a few months ago, Linger In Shadows is finally a title exclusive to the PS3. This is not a game or a movie ... it is something else. Scheduled for August 28, here are the official information:"

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psnCAShville_6154396d ago

someone please explain.... i heard about this but didn't know much about the 28th date is release date or announcements ?

PirateThom4396d ago

Well, Leipzeig is a week or so before, so it would make more sense to announce then and release the week after.

Prismo_Fillusion4396d ago

Not a game or a movie - what is it?


Winter47th4396d ago

Probably an interactive tech-game, more like those tech-demos Nvidia releases frequently.

monkey6024396d ago

An interactive book like the MGS database but with visuals.

haha just my imagination running wild (obviously)

Fishy Fingers4396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

It's essentually a Demoscene, people have been making them for years now, originally designed to push the chosen piece of hardware to it's limits.

Info/history on demoscenes >

Info on Linger and the team behind it >

mfwahwah4395d ago

The senior producer at SCEA's Santa Monica Studio calls it "interactive digital art."

You watch a video and try to do something that will affect the world within the video. It's very vague and doesn't give you much to work with, just kind of says "go wild." When you do alter the world, you unlock more of the video, and when you see the whole video you get to start a new one.

Source is Playstation the Official Magazine September '08 issue.

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hulk_bash19874396d ago (Edited 4396d ago )

As completely incoherent and confusing as the trailer was for this game(or whatever deyre putting it out 2 be) i still find myself intrigued 2 see wat it'll bring 2 the table.

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