Until Dawn arrives exclusively on PS4 this week

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We’re proud to join you today to celebrate the launch of Until Dawn exclusively on PlayStation 4 this week! The game will be available across Europe tomorrow and in the UK & Ireland on Friday 28th August! Now is your chance to steer 8 friends through a horrifying night on the mountains as you try to survive…Until Dawn.

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SaveFerris1176d ago

I wonder if the platinum trophy for this requires you to get all of the reported numerous endings? Either way, I'm definitely going to pick this up.

Sevir1176d ago

Looks awesome! I can't wait!

thrust1175d ago

Am watching this on twitch now it's more like a movie and it only single player?

DragonKing811175d ago

It's like Heavy Rain! PS4 is so diverse!

S2Killinit1175d ago

Its sweet thats what it is.

Spotie1175d ago

More like a movie than what, thrust? And why does it even matter?

MysticStrummer1175d ago

@thrust - So… do you avoid all previews and sort of make up your own idea about what a game will be based on the title…? Your comment leads me to believe you do.

It's like a movie, if movies let you make many choices that change the story and determine who lives and dies. Yeah… just like a movie. It's single player… Duh.

I got my copy this morning and I'm loving it. Some good jump scares, some creepy atmosphere, some decent dialogue, some good QTE action sequences, some good performances (I didn't know Peter Stormare was in it, and also the one guy from Agents of SHIELD). Good times.

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Sevir1176d ago

That launch Trailer Tho!

MasterCornholio1175d ago (Edited 1175d ago )


-smashes head on table-


P.S I'm away from my system for 4 dang months.

ziggurcat1175d ago

This was supposed to be playable last night for those who pre-ordered (like myself), but someone goofed because it said there was still 128 days left before it was available. Not impressed by that, and it's not the first time they screwed up their pre-order/pre-load system.

nX1175d ago

Disagree, I'm full digital since PS4 launched, got around 15 pre orders from PSN and every game unlocked at the right time.

MysticStrummer1175d ago

The number of people streaming the game went way up last night right when it should have, so yours must have been a sporadic problem.

ziggurcat1175d ago

There's a few threads on the official forums about this issue, so I don't think it's sporadic. Perhaps it has to do with when you pre-ordered the game because 128 days from now is December 31, which was the placeholder date they had for the game when I pre-ordered.

@nx - I'm primarily digital now, too, but I have run into an issue a couple of times where the game didn't unlock when it should have. You can disagree all you want, but you can't just dismiss an issue just because it hasn't happened to you.

MysticStrummer1175d ago

A few threads on the official forums doesn't mean many people had the issue, even if each thread has 1000 different people complaining which I highly doubt. I'm not saying that it never happens, but your post up above implies that it happens quite often. You said it was supposed to be available for those who preordered, and apparently it was for many or most.

MysticStrummer1175d ago

Donno if you saw this but they're working on the issue and there's a possible temporary solution. Hope it works for ya!

ziggurcat1175d ago

yup, that's what they were trying to get people to do last night, and no it doesn't work.

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The story is too old to be commented.