Forza Motorsport 6 vs Project Cars - Rain & Graphics Comparison

A new video shows rain and Graphics Comparison between Forza Motorsport 6 & Project Cars.

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Foehammer1148d ago

I think they've both done a god job.

It's a little funny to see what looks like 2 laser beams being shot at you by the car in front in Project Cars. I think that's suppose to be the break lights.

Death1148d ago

They both look fantastic. I'm probably leaning towards Project Cars looking nice/more realistic. The rain looks a little too shiny, but it's still very impressive. Can't wait to get GT in the mix. If nothing else, this gen is the gen of the racers. ;)

u4one1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

i think forza does a better job of water movement on the windshield. in fact the water on the lens or window on pcars actually bugs me because it doesn't react anywhere near how it would react in real life going at those speeds. water beads off and streaks off the side windows, it doesn't really just it there. the same thing kinda bugged me about the rain in horizon as well. just my .02 of course.

Crazyglues1147d ago ShowReplies(4)
u4one1148d ago (Edited 1148d ago )

i think its annoying that we have these racing games and people compare the weather. how about the car rosters, the detail of the cars, the physics, the track accuracy, the tuning... things that actually matter for racing enthusiasts. who gives a s**** who's water rolls off the windshield better. i want to know which one feels more real. its like getting rpg's with heavy character customization and leveling and then comparing which one has better facial hair.

dcbronco1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

That is the issue with gamers. Though it seems to be the issue with people in general. The point is too often missed. The funny thing is you look at games like iRacing and the most realistic racing sims and graphics are in their proper place for a sim, a secondary concern. And no one seems to complain.

Gaming isn't going anywhere. Hopefully. But if gamers keep making decisions based on stupid stuff and not what matters it will make it harder for people to consider development for consoles if failure could be caused by a handful of fanboys.

If the graphics stay where they are now for another ten years I'd be fine if it means developers spend extra time on gameplay mechanics and physics accuracy.

iistuii1147d ago

"its like getting rpg's with heavy character customization and leveling and then comparing which one has better facial hair." Exactly..

NeoGamer2321147d ago

The disagrees must be from people who have no clue what a car simulation is really about.

Agreed. What you see is only a part of what a car racing simulation is about. The lion's share of racing simulations is about stuff you can't see. Namely, physics, control, and performance accuracy of the vehicles.

ScorpiusX1148d ago

Forza fan so am going with Forza .

Iras_1147d ago

Pointless comparison. Non dynamic weather in predefined time of day vs dynamic weather in dynamic time of day.

gfk3421147d ago

I 100% agree.

The only fair comparison is when Forza will have dynamic weather and dynamic day cycle.

Until then any comparison is pointless, Forza being currently the only racing game that does not have such features.

gfk3421147d ago

Watching the video and definetly can say that Project Cars looks better, despite Forza 6 not having to deal with dynamic weather and day cycle.

In fact the video made me re-jump in Project Cars.

gfk3421147d ago

Is it just me or Forza 6 looks awful, at least when raining.

The game is just too flat.

I have seen another recent comparison, and Forza 6 looks bad again.

Foehammer1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

Nope, other way around

Bring Project cars back when it can hold 60fps

bring it back when it has tire deformation physics

bring it back when it has dynamic traction changes based on puddles

These affect gameplay, unlike a day/night cycle in a 10 minute race, ROFL.

BootyBandit1147d ago (Edited 1147d ago )

They both look great.

PCars is an excellent game and has dynamic weather which effects handling. Overall PCars has amazing visuals and great physics.

I read and saw some interviews with Turn 10 where they've stated their weather model isn't dynamic but has incredible physics and they have upped their physics on their tire model and turned it up a notch on their visuals as well.

I'm really looking forward to seeing and trying it out for myself in a few weeks. Excited to finally have some weather and night racing in the Forza series.

I'm getting my rig ready right now. Making some upgrades for F6. I will be testing out my upgrades on some PCars and Horizon 2 while waiting on F6.

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